The Effect Of Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence On Online Gaming


The majority of people assume artificial intelligence as a dystopian perception of robots who tend to take control of the world. But, the truth is that it’s a lot less than harrowing. Artificial intelligence can be an example of thinking machines. Whatsoever, it’s sufficient to say that artificial intelligence is a machine that holds the power of human reasoning in some capacity.

Now if we talk about virtual reality, the term itself gives clues that it’s close to or near to reality, which is exactly what you experience in the real world. Hence, VR can be defined as the computer technology that tends to influence reality.

Online Gaming Statistics

Before reading about the impact of AI and VR on online gaming, you can find in the online casino list at All Casinos, it’s important to examine some online gaming statistics.

  • The global PC online game market was worth 25.1 billion US dollars in the year 2015, so you can imagine what would be it’s worth now.
  • 22% of people who play games on PC spent more than half of the day in playing multiplayer online games.
  • Another 26% of people who utilize a console, spent half of their time playing multiplayer online games.

Moreover, gaming is something that influences people of all ages. Over 59% of gamers over 50 plays some kind of online games.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Effect Online Gaming?

The most common impact of artificial intelligence in gaming is known as non-player characters. Now, the question is how does AI impact online gaming? Well, AI is an intelligent machine so it can use reason and logic to solve the problems just like humans. When applied to the game, it can make the experience more unique and interesting for the users.

How Does Virtual Reality Effect Online Gaming?

VR allows players to use VR headsets to immerse themselves in the gaming environment. VR is making many types of waves in the world of gaming, and even simple games are modified and improved using VR technology.

There is no doubt that VR & AI have the power to change the online gaming industry and probably you will see more developments in the future.

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