5 Benefits Of Managed Dedicated Servers


If you are seeking a reliable and secure web hosting server, a Dedicated Server is an ideal hosting option for websites. It offers enhanced performance, high page loading speed, enhanced security, and more by allocating websites with Dedicated Servers and dedicated resources.

The following video explains how you can get the best out of your Dedicated Server:

5 Tips to Get More Out of Your Dedicated Server Hosting

However, a Dedicated Hosting Serverrequires time and investment to set up and manage, which can be inconvenient and time-consuming for many website owners.

Therefore, a fully Managed Dedicated Hosting Server is beneficial for such situations. With a managed solution, our server will be handled and managed by an experienced web administrator from your hosting provider company. Though this can be a little costlier hosting solution than traditional Dedicated Hosting, it offers multiple benefits to businesses.

Here are five advantages of a Managed Dedicated Hosting service for your website:

1.     Cost and time-efficient hosting solution

A fully Managed Dedicated Server significantly saves a lot of time for website owners. Your web hosting company takes care of the server maintenance and management, such as updating software, installing software, performing the backup, setting up firewalls, and more with Managed Dedicated Hosting. This allows you to concentrate your time on the critical aspects of your website and business growth.

In addition, a Managed Dedicated Server eliminates the need to hire a professional IT staff to manage your server, which saves up costs in the long term.

2.     Leverage unrivalled expertise

When you are not familiar with server management and maintenance, Managed Dedicated Server Hosting is a useful solution. In addition, it can add a learning curve, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the administrative panel, checking and learning security patches, updates and installation, editing and deleting files, and other tedious yet crucial tasks.

With a Managed Dedicated Hosting plan, you have the peace of mind that your website and server are under the control of an expert, allowing you to rest assured so you can fully concentrate on growing your website.

3.     Enhanced website security

A Managed Dedicated Server offers a high level of security, lowering the risks of online threats and security breaches. Your web hosting provider and administrators install the latest security software and manage everything, from running security audits, watching or monitoring the signs of DDoS attacks, installing security patches, and more. This ensures high security for your Dedicated Server and business credibility.

4.     High performance and speed

A few administrators also run speed audits in a Managed Dedicated Hosting environment to ensure your website runs and functions smoothly. An administrator performs regular maintenance tasks, deleting unrequired or duplicated large files, recommending processors or bandwidth updates, and more to optimize your website’s performance and enhance customer experience.

5.     Minimized server downtime

With a Managed Linux Dedicated Server, the chances of your server experiencing downtime reduce significantly. However, website downtime affects user experience and your website’s SEO performance, negatively impacting its visibility in the search engine results.

A professional administrator addresses any server issues and resolves them as quickly as possible, providing a quality user experience to your customers and aiding your website’s growth.

Summing Up

Setting up and managing your Dedicated Server on your own can be challenging and lead to many server and performance issues. Therefore, when buying a Dedicated Hosting plan, opting for a managed version can ease up your task to a great extent, allowing you to concentrate on many crucial tasks important for your business and website’s growth and success.