Laser Cutting Vs. Etching


Cutting is one of the most fundamental and famous metal fabrication procedures. It is essential for transforming basic metal sheets into smaller, more intricate sections. 

Manufacturers use numerous methods to cut metal, but laser cutting offers many advantages over others. Laser cutting in Perth is a technique that employs a laser to cut various materials for industrial and artistic purposes.

Laser technologies can provide the ideal results if you are searching for precise material cutting or embellishment. Nevertheless, not all laser procedures are identical. Laser cutting and etching are two distinct processes that accomplish their objectives through distinct means. 

How is laser cutting performed?

This method utilizes a concentrated beam of light to cut wood, plastic, rubber, and metal. Typically, CO2 gas or an Nd: YAG crystal is used to generate the beam, which is then directed onto the material via mirrors or lenses. 

The laser is potent enough to vaporize the material it comes into contact with, generating a pristine edge with no leftover material. Depending on the material being sliced, laser-cutting devices have multiple parameters that enable a range of intensities. Thus, they are extremely versatile instruments for both industrial and recreational uses.

What exactly is laser etching?

Laser etching is a process that marks a surface by releasing significant amounts of energy at specific intervals via a laser beam.

The process transforms the energy absorbed by the material into heat, which dissolves and expands the microscale surface of the workpiece. Due to heat absorption, the surface becomes malleable, there are localized changes, and the hue alters. After expansion, localized changes, and colour change, the surface cools, and the resulting change leaves behind permanent marks.

Metals like laser etching aluminium are the most prevalent materials etched by laser. Different grades of aluminium, anodized aluminium, stainless steel, and zinc are examples. Additionally, the technique is compatible with plated, anodized, and uncoated metals.

Artcom Fabrication can laser cut various materials for your project, including wood, acrylic, rubber, eco-panel, and many others.

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