The best employee monitoring software options to consider in 2022


Managing a company can be difficult, and hectic. It may almost look like a teacher with a classroom of students, and have to check on them constantly to see if they are focusing in class. Similarly, the manager or administrator of a company may have to constantly be on the lookout for the employees and whether they are working and not going through their social media. This is where the monitoring software comes in picture. A monitoring software helps keep the employee’s work in check and maintain productivity during work hours. The software has options to record working hours, keystrokes, URL tracking, internet usage, and so on. These options will help with tracking an employee’s work progress. But rest assured it is not intended to be an invasion of privacy of the employees. They have options for security and things like private mode in software called DeskTime Pro that helps maintain the employee’s privacy. People work entirely with computers nowadays, whether its work from home or in office. So investing in an employee monitoring software does not seem like a bad idea, as its feasible for remotely working employees.

If we’re talking about the best software, we should know that not all monitoring software are the same. Some are designed for small sized companies, that can monitor a lesser amount of screens than some that can check large number of screens. While choosing the perfect software for your company, a few things should be considered. If your primary goal is to just see that the employees do their work and not get distracted, then go for one that has the hour’s tracker and the basic features like keylogger and automated screenshot. If you do not want to constantly be on the lookout for the employees, then look for a software that can alert you as soon as one of the employees is not doing their work and most probably slacking. You can choose between having a live feed of the monitoring session, or a recorded version that you can check in the end of the day. Display is another key feature that one has to keep in mind before buying a software. You do not want to disturb your staff with the monitoring software screaming on their face, rather it should be discreet and just sit in the corner. So if the display design is not up to the mark, do not go for it. Ultimately, going for a software with workforce analytics seem like a smart investment. Instead of feeling like they are being spied, the workers would have a much more comfortable work experience in the company. These were the latest top 3 workforce analytics trends to think about implementing.

Now that it’s been discussed what to watch out for while going for a monitoring software, let us also help you by giving you an excellent option that you can go for. With workexaminer monitoring software, you can do all that is mentioned above, and get satisfying outcomes. Workexaminer is a monitoring software, and just like any other software, helps track and record an employee’s performance. But it is also an up and coming software that could be very much in demand as it’s an all in one software. From the UX design, to the stealth mode in which a person can watch out for the screens, to filtering through the options and customize as per the choice, workexaminer has it all. For more info go to 

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