Top 10 things to know before visiting Goa


Goa is a very small, but one of the most beautiful states located on the western coast of India. This is one state that is visited by foreign and domestic tourists throughout the year. It is the Portuguese culture, the diverse cuisines and the different beaches that attract people of all ages to visit this place at least once in their lives. Also are offered numerous water and land-based adventurous activities for those who wish to have the thrill and frill of life. Whatever you desire, you can have it here in Goa. Whether you are a romantic couple, newlywed couple or travelling with your family, you are sure to enjoy your trip to Goa and will want to come back again for more. The leela goa is undoubtedly the best place to stay to enhance the trip and make it more interesting and exciting. 

It is important to understand that Goa is not just only about beaches. For many, it is considered to be the place to derive their best memories. However, if you are visiting this place for the first time, then you need to know what to do and avoid so that the memories etched in your mind are amazing and worthy of recollecting and sharing it with others back home. 

What things not to do in Goa during as a traveller?

  • Avoid wearing heels at the beach: Goa is found to be a culturally advanced place where men and women prefer to wear western wear while going out anywhere. But this does not mean, you will wear a heel when going out to the beach. Rather, it will be a wise idea to wear a flat slipper while strolling the beach as you can walk with ease. 
  • Avoid wearing a few uncomfortable dresses at the beach: If you are interested to enter the waters, then avoid wearing fancy tops, lungi, sari, etc. You can wear something that will not only provide comfort, but also allow you to enjoy the cool waters of Goa. Otherwise, there are chances of the waves spoiling your fun. Also, do understand the difference that exists between swimwear/beachwear and underwear. The formers are sold at different markets in Goa at varying prices. Choose something that fits your pocket and preferences. 
  • Do not drink & drive your car: This is not tolerated anywhere in the world including Goa. Drink & Drive accidents are considered to be among the most occurring in this country. You should abide by the law strictly. If you desire to drink alcohol, then do so within permitted level so that you can drive back home safely and also not harm others. Goa offers cheap booze. You can have lots of it and enjoy your trip. But you need to drink responsibly. 
  • Avoid staring at bikini-clad women: It is a bad idea to stare or ogle at foreigners or desi sisters. Bikini is just beachwear worn by women all over the world. It is not a good thing to stare as it is insulting and shows you in poor light. Even those dark shades you opt for will not hide your unwanted drooling expressions. It is better not to embarrass yourself. 
  • Avoid taking PDA to a higher level: Goa is an amazing place to enjoy the trip with your spouse, family, friends and colleagues. But this does not mean others will be interested to view you eating one another’s face in open public. You should be a bit considerate towards those who are recently heartbroken. 
  • Do not drink and sleep on the beach: This is a strict no-no for any tourist. It will be quite terrible and also not safe. Also, there are chances of crabs and snappers hanging on to all parts of your body. 
  • Don’t cringe to drink Fenny: If you have never experienced alcohol before, then it is better to avoid Fenny. It is a wrong notion that Fenny is just another sweet honey drink. Rather, it has that pungent smell and makes you to vomit, thereby causing poor health. Your entire trip as well as that of others accompanying will only get ruined by this wrong decision. Fenny is indeed local liquor that is consumed popularly by the locals. Even many tourists, Indian and foreigners alike love having it. But it is entirely on your preference level. Hence, get to know more about it and its taste before taking that first sip. 
  • Explore more: Goa is not just all about Calangute and Baga. Rather, there is more to it. Exploring the lengths and breadths of the state will allow you to explore the other less known beaches here. Moreover, quit ranting about Mambos & Tito’s. Just go out and explore what this beautiful state has on offer. 
  • Avoid buying Hawaiian shirts at the Goa stalls: It is simply tacky. Remember, such flowery shirts are meant to be worn in Hawaii and not Goa. Why flaunt them when you have plenty of local exciting options to choose from. 
  • Do not expect the shack to provide you with 5 Star treatments! The poor guys barely know the difference between cold and hot water. You should rather choose a swanky hotel to get A-class treatment. 

FAQs about Goa

  1. Can I smoke anywhere in Goa?
  2. Goa does not have any restrictions on smoking. But some restaurants and hotels have restricted smoking areas. 
  3. What to avoid in Goa?
  4. Monsoon season is not good to travel as the state experiences heavy rainfall throughout this season. You are likely to be shut within your hotel and will not have a pleasant trip. 
  5. Is Goa safe to travel at night?
  6. In India, Goa is considered to be one of the safest places for women even at night. However, avoiding island hopping at night!
  7. What to wear in Goa?
  8. No restriction is i8mposed on the type of cloth to wear in Goa. You are free to wear long skirts, tank tops, sarong to bikinis, etc. But make sure it is decent. 

The leela goa can offer you with an amazing staying experience throughout your trip.