Kamado Joe Big Joe 3 Sale on BBQs 2u – Best Moment to Invest in A Great Grill


BBQs 2U is an independent retailer that sells only BBQs of branded companies. Since 2002, they have been passionately selling barbeques from leading manufacturers Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt Gravity, and Napoleon. They are independent retailers of Ooni Pizza ovens along with accessories including BBQ tools & utensils, BBQ rubs & sauces, briskets & coal, thermometers, and Kamado Island.

Currently, they are hosting Kamado Joe Big Joe 3 Sale and it is the best time to invest in a new grill or replace the old one. With a great grill at affordable rates, buyers can enjoy grilling all around the year. With the advancement in technology, grills are becoming more safe, versatile, and flexible. Visit BBQ 2U store situated at Abersoch Garden Center, UK [Mainland], and grab the appealing discount offered on Kamado Big Joe 3!

Kamado Joe manufactures some outstanding grills but when the question is about choosing between Big Joe II and III, then there is a little confusion. Classic II and its plump Big Joe II are the most popular Kamado Joe grills.

Big Joe II edition has developed a repute for its inflexible quality. Therefore, the question arises of what Kamado Joe has improved in its Big Joe III line. The alluring upgrades include a Sloroller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber Insert. The Sloroller is a significant addition. It replaces the old heat deflector found in Classic II and Big Joe II. It circulates heat and smoke just like a traditional smoker.

If a buyer desires a BBQ that allows grilling and smoking then expect better results from the Kamado Joe Big Joe III line in comparison to its counterparts Classic & Joe II. Visit the Kamado Joe Big Joe Sale at BBQ 2u for a live demonstration!

The Divide and Conquer 3-tier cooking system offers an extra surface for easy cooking. The Classic III has 510 sq. inches, while Big Joe III has 864 sq. inches. Besides, users can arrange the half-moon trays at different heights for distinct temperature cooking. The trays are made from different materials suitable to cook different foods, at the same time.

The new redesigned stainless-steel charcoal basket holds coal a little tighter, thus enhancing fuel efficiency. The divider in its middle allows packing fuel unevenly. Thus, for the divide & conquer 3 tier cooking system users can gain more control over temperature at cooking different foods.

The cart is upgraded to heavy-duty galvanized steel along with solid, thick legs. The casters on the bottom are robust allowing extra mobility. For extra durability, the side shelves are upgraded with powder-coated aluminum. The shape has become more elongated to accommodate the 3 tier D&C cooking system.

Some of the features pitmasters adore in the Classic III are unchanged like the Kontrol Tower, AMP Firebox, and Air Lift Hinge. Visit BBQ 2u’s Pinterest profile to check how Kamado Joe’s JoeTisserie that transforms into a chicken cooking machine and how the DoJoe allows to cook restaurant-style pizza at home.

Kamado Joe Big Joe III has a style of its own and provides superior results!

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