The 4 Most Beautiful Wedding Trends This 2021


According to every wedding planner in Singapore, weddings will and should not be halted this 2021—but it will be different. Ambitious designs are no longer practical, and crowd-full receptions are not allowed this year. Weddings are not how they used to be, but they will be as extraordinary as before.

To help you decide how to marry your significant other during these trying times, here are four one-of-a-kind wedding trends of 2021, approved by every wedding planner in Singapore!


The more does not always mean the merrier. Couples are now only inviting their immediate family and closest friends to their ceremonies, as well as their talented wedding planner who made everything possible. Intimate ceremonies are cost-saving trends since the small crowd can fit at a single long table!


Wedding planning for ceremonies held with Singapore nature is always a challenge, but it sure is unique. Imagine saying ‘I do’ under the shade of a massive tembusu, surrounded by your loved ones adorned with wildflowers and an assortment of greenery. Won’t it make you feel like an enchanted deity becoming one with the love of your life?


Your wedding planner will make up for the lack of guests using dynamic and gripping design elements. From larger than life floral arrangements to bright and loud pyrotechnics, your wedding will be filled with roaring designs and colourful memories.


The one benefit we all got from the pandemic is flexibility. Most of your loved ones are staying and working at home and there are fewer schedule conflicts. Opting for an actual day wedding package is also a massive trend for Singaporean couples. They use the excess time they have for planning and preparing for their wedding on their own.

Whatever unique tying the knot trend you choose, Beautiful Gatherings can help you make it even more special with the help of a reliable and artistic wedding planner. Visit their website below to learn how they can turn the wedding of your dreams into a reality.

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