Here is all you need to know about Hand Tufted Carpets


A hand-tufted carpet is not entirely handmade. Instead, a person uses a machine to shoot wool through a canvas backing with a single shot. The handler fills in an outline on the backing of this canvas. The fact that the strands are not knotted with the wool distinguishes this from knotted rugs. Even though hand-tufted carpets look like they were made by hand, they don’t have the same history as hand-knotted rugs. Hand-tufted carpets , on the other hand, can be completed in just one day, whereas hand-knotted area rugs can take six to nine months. The shorter time frame keeps the cost low while sacrificing quality. Due to this distinction in esteem, it is essential to give cautious consideration to the differences between a hand-tufted carpet and a hand-tied mat.

A hand-tufted carpet is made in part by hand and in part by using a machine. Wool is used to making this kind of rug, a hand-tufted carpet is made in a very different way from a hand-knotted rug. Using a hand-operated tool, wool strands are punched into a canvas that is stretched on a frame to create a hand-tufted carpet. This procedure takes little time and doesn’t require as much skill as hand-knotting does.

The rug is removed from the frame after the wool is piled on top of it. The tufts of hand-tufted carpets will be held in place by some kind of backing. A scrim fabric frequently adheres to the back. A fringe can be added to the rug by sewing it on or gluing it on to complete the look.

Types of Tufted carpets

Hand-tufted carpets come in a wide variety of patterns and designs, giving you more options. Modern Persian designs, contemporary designs, and printed tufted rugs are all available. Of all the different kinds of rugs, hand-tufted wool rugs are by far the most common and frequently produced. Especially the wool from New Zealand, India, and semi-worsted wool are all of the high-quality. The best fibers are viscose, jute, and bamboo silk. In our hand-tufted carpets, the combination of wool and silk is quite common.


Designer rugs are made to last longer and can be passed down as antiques to future generations. Hand-tufted carpets must be properly cared for to last in high-traffic areas like offices, homes, and public places all over the world. If rugs are left in the same place for a long time, they may become damaged. Before going on vacation, roll up the rug or draw the curtains to keep it out of direct sunlight. Rotating your rugs is the best way to avoid all of these issues.

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