Tata Tiago Electric- Price, Specs, Launch Date in India


Automobile industry has always come up with different types of DS Business Contract Hire that are affordable and convenient for the buyers. Of course the industry has got several vehicles that are suitable for all the categories of people in the globe, making it an effective purchase and a reasonable buy as well. However, here we are discussing about Tata Tiago Electric that is nothing less than any other vehicle in the market and one can easily go up for this particular purchase as well.

Tata Tiago Electric is one such popular vehicle in the hatchback segment and that simply shines with loads of features and comfort along with a remarkable performance too. Let us look forward on the features, specifications, price and the launch date of this vehicle in India.

Tata Tiago Electric – Features and Specifications

The vehicle is added to the hatchback segment making it more comfortable for the buyers especially seating in the back seat.

  • This DS Used Car has got improved radiator grille along with exterior upgradation and chrome highlights, with texture and body color performance too.
  • The interior of Tata Tiago is a lot convenient with fresh fabric seats, the seats are quite spacious, and the passengers along with driver can have adjustable seats too.
  • The engine and transmission speed is more than 135PS with the torque of 200Nm making the vehicle linked to the front wheels.
  • Performance and Mileage is quite great as compared to other vehicles in the hatchback segment. It also provides an effortless driving even during the peak hours and in traffic.
  • Breaking system is just amazing, as it has got the disc and drum brakes on the rear. It also helps the battery to charge while braking the wheels. The air bag facility along with centralized locking system and child safety features are all available in the particular vehicle for sure.

Tata Tiago Electric- Price and Launch Date

The Tata Tiago price and launch date is quite recent as you should know for sure. However, to let you know you can always check their official website of Tata Motors for the pricing and other insurance details provided by the automobile manufacturer itself. The Indian market for this particular Tata Tiago electric vehicle is around Rs. 5.40 Lakhs, and the launch date for the vehicle in India is about to launch in the month of November 2019 which is this year.

The vehicle will be launched hopefully during the festive season in India. It will be probably available for the best price as it would be during festivals. However, if you want to know other information about the price and insurance, you can always look up to their website.


Well, you can simply go through all the details mentioned above for this particular vehicle of Tata Tiago Electric which is yet to be launched in India. However, the market is expecting its launch during Diwali in the month of November 2019. You can check Tata Motors, for more details on the particular vehicle.

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