Love Martial Arts? Why not become a Trainer?


When you were a child, were you amazed by how Bruce Lee used to fight? Was your favorite movie was “Enter the Dragon”? If yes, then you surely had a keen interest in learning martial arts. Over the years, martial arts have gained a lot of popularity. With so many movies based on karate and kickboxing, youngsters nowadays are looking forward to entering the profession of fighters.

The fighting industry is also booming, and communities like MMA and other fighting organizations are hosting tournaments that are being telecasted all over the globe. Therefore, the scope of becoming a fighter is very much promising. For example, Conor McGregor makes about $2 to $5 million per fight! That is a lot of money right? Fighters get paid in millions, and this is why many youngsters want to enter the field because of passion, money, and fame.

But what happens after your age?

Like an athlete, a fighter has only a few years to fight until he reaches a certain age. Fighters normally retire from their profession by 35 years. But after that what will you do? This question demotivates a lot of passionate fighters. But there is nothing to worry about, as after your fighting career is over, you can simply become a coach and train the youngsters you want to enter this profession. You can become a trainer by opting for fitness instructor certification.
In this post, we will discuss a few methods by which one can become a trainer and continue his career even after he or she retires from the fighting scene. 

To Become a Successful Trainer, you need to follow a few Tips:

  • Get Certification

To become a successful coach, you need to achieve a core conditioning certification. This certificate along with others will give you the credibility that you are qualified to train a beginner. 

  • Get Fame as a Fighter

To become a successful coach, first, you need to earn yourself a popular name in the fighting industry while you are a fighter. Participate in as many tournaments as you. Once you have a name in the fighting circuit, people would pay any amount to get themselves trained from you!

  • Always Train

After retiring from your fighting career, do not sit back and relax. Always train at the gym to keep yourself in shape. No one wants to get trained by a fat and lazy person. 

So, here are the top 3 ways which you can try out if you want to become a professional trainer.  

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