Steps to create an account on an online streaming website


Watching movies online without creating an account is not the right thing to do because not all the online streaming websites encourage their users to watch it for free at all times. There are a few online streaming websites that offer free movies but with low quality.

Watching movies on such websites is not worth it because you will not be able to see the pictures. Therefore, creating an account on Movie Online Gratis is important.

There are certain things that you must follow, and the same has been explained in this article. Knowing how to create an account can help you to quickly download the movies of your choice from the online website and watch them whenever you want to.

  • Go to the login page

The most important thing that you must do is to set up your account, and that is going to happen by clicking on the login option. When you click on the login option, you will be directed to another page on the online streaming website where you need to enter all your details.

You must include your name, phone number and also the email id that you are using for your transactions. Along with these details, some of the websites might also ask you to confirm your payment mode.

If you are planning to pay it using your bank accounts, then you may have to enter your debit or the credit card details accordingly. This information should be entered only after you confirm and clarify that the website that you have chosen as completely genuine.

  • Choose a password

You must give a strong password for your online streaming website. There shouldn’t be any room for hackers to access your movie account. Through this, they would be easily able to hack all your other personal details as well.

Hence it is important to keep your password very strong. After setting up the password, you must confirm the password and also make sure to note it down in a place when no one has access towards it.

  • Verify your account details

After you are done with the account creation, you would be receiving a verification email from the online streaming website, and this email will be sent to the email ID that is registered with them. It is important to click on this link and activate your account.

  • Browse through the movies

After the account is set up and after you have verified your account with the online streaming website, you can start browsing to the list of movies that are present. You can start bookmarking your favourite movies and start watching them whenever you want to.

  • Download the movies

If you cannot watch the movies online on the website directly, you can always choose to download the movies as well. The downloaded movies can be stored on your computer, and you can watch them whenever you want to.

This is how you go about creating an account on an online streaming website to watch some of your favourite movies.


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