Steps to check in for online Spicejet Flight Booking in 2021


Web check-ins have made it easier for passengers to skip long queues at the check-in kiosks and head straight towards the security check. With the pandemic at its peak, travelling had become a far-fetched idea as every mode of transporting to different places had to be shut down. But, with time, as the rage of the pandemic began to lessen, these modes started reopening gradually. That being said, flights have become an indispensable mode of our day-to-day travel. The sole reason for this is the fact that large distances can be covered in a short duration of time. With the pandemic having put restrictions on human contact and touch, web check-ins have become a mandatory process for boarding flights. In this regard, SpiceJet has come up with a simple and smooth process that allows ample time for you to go through the other necessary screenings at the airport and not waste time in long queues. So, if you want to know which are the steps to check in for online Spicejet Flight Booking in 2021, then read below and you will have complete knowledge regarding this.

Log in to the official website of SpiceJet

The first step is to log in to the official website of the airline. Here, you can search through the directly linked widgets and look for ‘Web Check-In’. Once you find the direct link to the Check-in portal of the airline, click on the same and make your booking.

Read the Terms and Conditions carefully

Clicking on the Check-In portal will lead to a page full of SpiceJet’s booking and check-in terms and conditions. This part contains everything you are eligible for, facilities available for SpiceJet Priority Check-In and the terms for upgrading to SpiceMax Seats. Once you are done reading these, press ‘Continue’ to continue to the check-in page.

Put in your Travelling Details

You will be required to put your PNR number here, the City of Departure and your last name. The Booking ID or PNR needs to be filled correctly. If a third-party agent is booking a ticket for you, cross-check your booking references, identification numbers and PNR before entering the fields.

Fill in the Passenger Details

This is the part where you will be required to fill in the details of the passengers travelling with you. Add or remove passengers as desired. The algorithm of the website auto-assigns seats for each passenger. However, if you are willing to change the same, head over to Select Seats to check the availability of seats on board.

Select Seats

This page will pop up with a detailed layout of your flight. Booked seats are highlighted in a shade darker than the ones available. Note here that some seats are reserved by the airline itself and are unavailable for personal selection. Select the seat(s) as per your choice and then click on ‘Confirm’.

Confirm the Passenger Details

After you are done selecting your seats, a pop-up will prompt you to confirm the passenger details. Make sure you check through the entire set properly, before finally submitting it.

If it is something you notice that needs to be changed, click on it and change accordingly.

Check-In your Luggage

If you are travelling with luggage that needs to be checked in too, put in your bag details i.e. the number of bags per passenger. Note that if you are a single traveller, you will not be allowed to sign in more than a couple of bags. However, if you still want to carry more bags, you have to pay additional charges to permit the same.

Download and Print Boarding Pass

After you are done putting in all of your details and submitting them, your Boarding Pass and travel itinerary will be generated along with an option to generate the bag tags. SpiceJet flight booking is incomplete for domestic routes, without a properly printed boarding pass.

If you have checked in your luggage, make sure you print the luggage tags out as well. Cut and fold them according to the instructions given, making sure that the folds do not obstruct the barcodes. This is because these codes will undergo scanning before your bags are taken for the drop.

This is pretty much all that you need to take care of before, while, and after checking in online for your scheduled flight. If you are using Intermiles to book your flight tickets and hotels, the website itself will notify you of the necessary points to be taken care of. The Check-in window becomes accessible to the passengers 48 hours before the time of departure and remains operational until a couple of hours before it. So, make sure you check in during this time frame to confirm your booking.

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