Capturing candid moments – Best times for your wedding photo booth


Weddings are celebrations of love, filled with joy, laughter, and precious moments. Most cherished memories come from candid moments during the ceremony rather than the actual ceremony itself. A photo booth captures these spontaneous and authentic moments. You and your guests will have a more memorable and fun experience if you choose the best time for your wedding photo booth.

Cocktail hour 

Take advantage of a cocktail hour after the ceremony when guests arrive but before dinner is served.

  • Guests are mingling and seeking entertainment
  • Natural photo op with drinks in hand 
  • Allows early photo captures before guests leave
  • Sets festive, casual tone for reception

Right after the grand entrance

Capitalize on the reception kickoff energy following your grand entrance and first dance. Open the photo booth hire near me once your special moments conclude. 

  • Guests are already standing, watching you
  • Seize excitement before guests are seated  
  • Quick photos before dinner service begins

During dinner downtime

Dinner focuses guests on eating and conversing. Photo booth demand drops. 

  • Attendant encourages use between courses
  • Or close temporarily to reopen later

After dinner wraps up 

Right as dinner ends but before other reception events get underway is a prime photo booth opportunity.

  • Guests are free and seeking entertainment 
  • Families capture group shots
  • Maximize memories before guests depart

Dance floor photo breaks

Position your photo booth near the dance floor for candid capturing of dance moves!

  • Dancers take fun breaks for pictures
  • Spot for tired guests to rest their feet  

Last call at the end of the reception

Give a final photo booth call as your event wraps up. You’ll squeeze in those last-minute shots! 

  • Rush of guests wanting final photos
  • Candid party snapshots 

Schedule your photo booth around key moments in your reception’s flow to maximize memory-capturing fun. With the right timing to engage guests, your wedding photo booth plays a lively role in documenting your celebration!

Here are some additional tips for making the most of your reception photo booth:

Strategic placement

Carefully select the booth’s location to improve visibility and access:

  • Near main events like a dance floor, bar, seating
  • Away from loud music or speakers 
  • Well-lit space that feels inviting
  • Signage if tucked away in a corner

Fun props 

Provide an array of props suiting different personalities and groups:

  • Colorful, coordinating with wedding 
  • Variety – glam, silly, romantic options  
  • Organized stations by theme
  • Baskets for easy grabbing 

Creative add-ons

Consider special upgrades to encourage photo fun: 

  • Hashtag printer, live video capability 
  • Animated GIF mode, green screen  
  • Double prints for guests and album
  • Festive lighting around the booth 

Guestbook and photos for a couple

Allow guests to paste in photo strips and leave messages in a scrapbook for the couple. Provide albums of photo booth prints as a cherished wedding keepsake.


An attendant manages the booth operations, engages guests, and ensures optimal usage during key reception moments. With strategic placement, eye-catching props, creative add-ons, and a lively attendant, your wedding photo booth plays a central role in preserving candid memories!

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