Innovation and Technology keeps changing the Vape experience


A cigarette is one thing that is liked by the maximum of people around the world. It’s harmful to people and always advised by a medical practitioner or friends and family members. Therefore people are shifting to vape which is innovative and technologically advance e-cigarettes though this is too not safe to consume. Smok vape pen 22 starter kit is available for people who don’t want to get away with smoking but reduce it.

This kit is a very stylish, uni-body, ergonomic design all-purpose kit. These products are used by advanced users mainly. This SMOK starter kit can insure risk while using it so it is required to be very careful when you decide to use it.

Smok vape pen 22 starter kit features:

  • It has an internal battery and voltage system which is outward. As the name suggests 22 this means the diameter of the pin is 22mm.
  • The battery has a power of 1650mAh battery
  • This has a classic cylindrical shape with a detachable structure. This helps to keep the Vape pen clean and easily
  • Due to the outward voltage system, battery life is correlated with the power supply and safety protections.
  • Due to the steel construction, it gives a classy look and feels awesome to hold while smoking
  • The voltage range is controlled as this helps the user to use it conveniently. 
  • This smok vape pen 22 starter kit is very easy to use due to operating it with a single button
  • Battery life is one of the important things for goods so if you don’t get to see whether the battery is still there or about to finish it becomes very difficult to understand. So, the battery life indicator is intelligently created
  • In general with each puff battery blinks four times and when it starts blinking more than 15 times indicates that the battery life is poor
  • The protection given to this SMOK starter kit is of 8 seconds, low resistance, short circuit, and low voltage

This e-cigarette gives you a great and rare taste of the smoke. Even this is very cost-effective. You do not need to purchase it even and on like you used to purchase regular cigarettes as it is finished. This kit comes with a user manual that you need to go through before you start using this pen. Avoiding safety precautions can be very dangerous for you.

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