Slots You Must Play Now in Every Way


In this article, we will together reveal the rules of the game of slot machines. For players who want to review them before starting a game, don’t hesitate, it’s always good to have a little refreshment before betting for real money.

The principle of play

The goal of the slot188 game is very simple. This is the main reason why this game is so appreciated by players because at any age (you have to be an adult of course at least), whatever time you will devote to learning, it you will be able to start a game without any difficulty.

You will therefore have the machine in front of you, on your screen. The object of the game for you is to earn as much money as possible. For that, you have to be able to bring together identical symbols, but for that, it is obviously necessary to count on your luck because you have no power over the results, you cannot in any case improve them by “I do not know” what. 


It is important to emphasize this notion: slot machines are pure luck. For your information, you have the paytable which is interesting to read before starting the game, it lists the combinations of symbols that bring money.

Place a bet

To activate a slot machine and win money, you must of course play in real mode and bet your money. Bets can start at 1 cent when playing online and end at 1, 2 or 5 Swiss francs. This is by line. So if you have more than one payline that you want to activate to increase your chances of winning, then you should multiply the selected lines by the bet amount you make, this will then give you the total amount of your bet.

The progress of a game in detail

The course of the slot machine game is actually quite fast but you will repeat it dozens of times per hour, this is how you will be able to multiply the winnings throughout the game.

You will start by choosing a machine first. Next, don’t forget to take a look at the paytable to understand which symbols will get you the most money. Now is the time to bet. Select how many paylines you want to see active, on modern machines you can select from 1 to 100 paylines sometimes, but always remember that the more active paylines you have, the bigger the total bet amount will be. Then, it is the amount of the bet which must be defined. Once this is done, you can then click on the “Play” button to launch the machine and observe the combinations that are created and receive your winnings if ever they are paid.

Bonus games

With some special symbols, you will be able to access mini games on the new slot machines. They allow you to win a lot of bonus money while getting away from the game a little. You will therefore have to carry out actions of all kinds, always related to the theme, for example killing small aliens if you play on a machine that theme is space. You will understand much better when the games are offered to you but what is certain is that you should not miss them because they are very profitable and fun.

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