5 Great Hockey Drills for Synthetic Ice


Hockey is in a unique spot in sports. It is an incredibly demanding sport, requiring physical ability and athleticism that is rarely called for. Yet, despite the amount of practice it takes, it can be incredibly difficult to practice hockey at home. However, synthetic ice tiles, like those provided by Sniper’s Edge Hockey, can help with that. 

Synthetic ice tiles allow you to simulate slick ice at home, letting you practice hockey from your own garage or street. The puck will slide almost exactly as it would on ice, allowing you to learn stick handling techniques properly. Sniper’s Edge synthetic ice tiles are able to be assembled in seconds as well, allowing you to practice a number of different drills, which we’ll list below.

  1. Skate Circles • Mark out a circle that works best for you. Get your body going in a smooth motion around the circle. Keep your shoulders outward of the circle, and straight. While in motion, use your skills to switch the direction of your body from forward, to backward yet moving in the same circle to perform a crossover. Go three times clockwise in direction, then do three in the counterclockwise direction. *Do this drill without pucks.
  2.  — Power Circles • Set out cones to mark a clear way for your practice. Skate forward, making a tight control turn around each cone, accelerating out of turn to the next cone. * Do drill with and without pucks, forward and backward.
  3.  — Stationary Stickhandling • Position stickhandle – wide to forehand – wide to backhand – wide on sides – diagonal – put puck in skates – toe puck in • Focus on goal and practice difficult shots.
  4.  — Moving Stickhandling •Set out cones to map out practice area. • Skate to cone, fake to one side, pull puck wide across and accelerate to next cone. • Continue to work on angles. • Use pucks. – wide to backhand – toe in puck around cone – put puck in skates, kick up to stick, around cone either way.
  5.  — Figure 8 • Set out cones in order to do a figure 8 around.Choose a side to start on. • On your own mark, skate with puck, then do a figure 8 around two cones on the field, make a wide move around cone in offensive zone and shoot towards goal.

Keep Practicing

Sniper’s Edge Hockey is a terrific source for all of your hockey training needs. Constant practice and persistent exercise keeps a hockey player sharp and strong. Every professional that has ever gotten great at hockey did it because of practice and determination. Don’t let the quarantine stop you from striving to be your best.

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