How Dirty is Your Phone? The Truth Will Make You Feel Icky


There is no doubt how we depend on our mobile phones in our everyday life. We use it for work and making idle moments a little more productive. We use our cell phones to communicate with your loved ones, even if they are miles away. It is also where you can access valuable information you need in a few touches on your screen.

Of course, it can be annoying when your phone breaks down. When it happens, you have to go to a store that offers phone repair in Layton or other areas to have it fixed. Mobile phones do not come cheap nowadays due to the slew of features included in it. That is why you should take care of and prevent it from being damaged.

But have you ever thought of cleaning your phone? Like any other thing, our phones need the right cleaning, too. By cleaning, it does not only refer to getting rid of junk files and blurry photos. Instead, it also refers to cleaning your phone’s surface of any dirt, oil, and grime.

How dirty is your phone?

Just how dirty is your phone? Every day, our hands come into contact with various surfaces that may contain unseen bacteria and germs and are transferred to your cell phone. One survey reveals that Americans fiddle with their phones multiple times per day. You can imagine the number of germs and bacteria that goes onto your phone every time.

Worse, a lot of people are not fond of washing their hands after touching any surface and proceed to use your phone. As if it does not alarm you yet, studies reveal that cell phones have ten times the amount of bacteria than those on toilet seats. Also, research in London found that 1 out of 6 mobile phones contain some fecal matter.

Given these data, it’s no wonder that our mobile phones easily become a source of various health issues. Most of us do not realize it, but we come into contact with all sorts of bacteria and germs with every surface we touch. It seems yucky, right? Unfortunately, this is the harsh and icky reality of using a smartphone.

How to make your phones a little bit cleaner (and safer) to use

The most obvious thing to do is to clean your phone. According to the experts in Apple, you should not use disinfectants and other kinds of liquid on your mobile device. There are also wipes available in the market specifically made for this purpose. These kinds of wipes are not wet, unlike the usual wipes that we use.

Meanwhile, you can also use a microfiber cloth dabbed with a minute amount of water to wipe your phone’s surface. You can also use cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol if you want. Make sure not to make the cloth or cotton too drenched. Also, don’t forget to wipe the screen and the back of your mobile phone.

Avoid using bleach, ammonia, or commercial home cleaners when cleaning your phone. You will risk damaging not only your phone but also the components inside it. By following these tips, you can be ensured that your phone is clean and germ-free.

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