Security Analyst Job Role and Responsibility


The process in which we try to protect our internet connected systems like software, hardware and information from cyber threats is called cyber security. As there is the need of physical security for our physical systems and data centers, there is also a necessity of cyber security for our assets available online. In both of these securities we try to stop any unauthorized entity to enter our systems and do any harm to them. The basic goal is to try and stop it because we cannot make our system a fully secured system. Anything that is connected through internet faces this issue of privacy breaching. We actually design information security systems to maintain confidentiality of our data. Cyber security should be adapted by every size of business no matter it has 20 employees or a 100 employees. This cyber security protocols are there tobe implemented and safeguard the data of any type. The most problematic thing is that these security risks are continuously evolving and getting advanced.

Importance of cyber security cannot be neglected as it is the process that helps us in protectingall the data assets of organizations. Data breaches make clients lose their trust in the organization and they look for an option that is better and more secure. Government organizations and financial organizations are the two main targets for hackers as they have a chance to get a lot from there. All kind of attacks like ransomware attacks, data breaches and identity theft can be prevented by using cyber security systems.

What is s Security Analyst?

Information security, data lose prevention are the things big organizations specially focus on.  They do give data the importance it deserves as it is the thing company is based on. So, they understand there should be someone who understands everything about cyber threats and the ways to prevent it, stop it and recover from it if needed. All of these qualities are possessed by a security analyst. They are the ones who monitor and keep an eye on the networks for any kind of suspicious act and respond immediately if something comes up.

Job Role and Responsibility

Safety of all the digital assets of company from any kind of unauthorized access is the basic responsibility of a cyber security analyst. He is there to safeguard not only assets but physical assets as well. He tends to identify cyber threats and eliminate them before they even attack on the system. They might have a team with them sometimes or they might have to work alone sometimes, overlooking everything on his own. From unlimited responsibilities of a cyber security analyst, some are stated below.

  • A security analyst when hired for the job does his analysis about the organization. The security system that already is working there and what kind of data it is there for. This analysis gives him a proper idea about tests he is going to run to know about existing system’s vulnerabilities.
  • Analysis leads to the testing of the system. This testing is done with different procedures and techniques. As a result of this testing he brings out all the weaknesses of the system. This testing is called penetration testing and there are multiple types of pen testing according to the system you are running. 
  • Finding weakness leads to removing these weaknesses and overcoming the shortfallsfound through tests. He does take all the necessary steps to get those weaknesses away from the system and he even designs and implement one if needed.
  • He does everything possible to spread security awareness in the organizations. He even trains some employees for the promotion of security. This all lead to improved server security and network efficiency that obviously leads the business to operate it a better and peaceful way without getting interrupted by any threat. 
  • He plans everything strategically for the security of data from any kind of unauthorized access, modification or disclosure and keeps updating these plans accordingly to ensure intact security. 
  • He keeps all the users under confidence for any kind of issues related to security or data access. This brings understanding between them and him.
  • He keeps in check the history reports of security breaches and threats to know when there is a need to modify and update security system.
  • He installs new software if needed to incorporate with the hardware changes. He also modifies security files for a better output.
  • All the computer system plans and security strategies are implemented with the proper coordination with vendors and partner companies. 
  • Monitoring of all the data files and processes is done properly for the safety of confidential data.
  • All the penetration tests are done on the system to assess the potential risks and vulnerabilities in the system and for that he must have done secure coding training for developersthat enlighten security experts about how to code in a secure way.
  • He ensures to make an environment where all the data is transferred through encryption so that every transmission is done in a way more secure than normal transmissions.
  • Documentation is one of the things he focuses on as it is what keeps the history and information about all the data breaches and assessment tests that are done frequently. 
  • He keeps reviewing the security procedures and cyber threats and keeps updating the security system as it is required keeping in mind the fact that cyber threats are evolving every day.

Being a cyber security analyst is a very tough job to pull off, as everything that involves data and its security is done by him. He has a vital role to play in any organization because of the importance of data. Cyber security framework is what is usually implemented in an organization for the data security. A security analyst goes through a lot of tough times to be able to do this. He passes certification courses to get to know about all the new advancements in the field. Certification like online ITIL foundation certification course is done to know about framework procedures.


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