The Amazing Benefits of Berkey Shower Filter to your Health



One of the newest trends when it comes to promoting wellness is a shower filter. That’s because people are now concerned about the water they’re using when they take a bath. When it comes to cleaning your shower water, nothing beats the Berkey shower filter.

What is a Berkey shower filter?

A Berkey shower filter is designed to remove more than 90% of chlorine content in the public water. Chlorine is a useful agent for cleaning the water. However, it’s also harmful to our health. If you inhale chlorine with water, it can lead to suffocation and affects your breathing.  To learn more about Berkey shower filters, visit

Also, a Berkey shower filter helps you to reduce the scale build-up in your shower. If left unclean, these scales can lead to a series of harmful illnesses such as viruses and germs.

Today, we’re going to explore the function of using a Berkey shower filter. We will also check its various types and cool features. Lastly, we will provide you some benefits on the Berkey shower filter to your health.

The Function of Shower Filters

The function of a shower filter is quite simple, and that is to produce clean water. Once you have filtered water in your shower, it provides lots of cool features on your health. Here are the functions of shower filters:

  • Shower Filters Removes Chlorine

The primary function of a shower filter is to remove chlorine that is present in your            bathroom water.

Chlorine is a cleaning formula that is added in the public water to kill germs and viruses.   On the other hand, these chemicals can also damage our skin and hair.

To prevent this problem, we highly suggest that you install a Berkey shower filter. It is      proven safe and effective, and it will filter all the harmful chemicals in the water.

  • Shower Filters Reduce the Vapor Breathing in the Shower Area

Shower filters significantly reduce the amount of vapor formation while we are taking a bath. That’s because shower filters absorb all the chemicals found in the water. As a result, it will only discharge clean and safe tap water from your shower head.

  • Shower Filters Removes Limescale

A shower filter is made with advanced filter media that reduces the formation of   limescale. If not removed, limescale can lead to dryness of the skin.

Berkey shower filters are proven safe and effective against scale formation. It lessens or    stops the scale build-up in your shower area. As such, it will result in a cleaner bathroom   area.

Types of Shower Filters You Can Use

There are two types of shower filters you can purchase based on methods of installation:

  1. Filtered Shower Head

It is a type of shower filter that has a built-in filter system on the showerhead. To fix the   shower head filter, all you have to do is to detach the old showerhead. Once removed,             you can attach the new shower head filter to your water supply.

  1. In-line Shower Filter

These types of shower filters are fixed in between the showerhead and the water supply.   It has a built-in filter cartridge that is used to trap all the residues found in the water.          Usually, in-line shower filters are small in size. It only requires minimum effort to install.

  1. Berkey Shower Filter

It is a combination of both the showerhead and in-line filters. A Berkey shower filter is     too easy to install. It’s durable and provides a longer lifespan compared to other shower          filters in the market.

Cool Features of Berkey Shower Filters

Here’s why a Berkey shower filter is the best in the market compared to other competitors:

  • It’s Easy to Install

You don’t need to be a plumbing expert to fix this thing. You can do-it-yourself a Berkey             shower filter installed in your bathroom. Just remove your old showerhead and thread the             Berkey shower filter on your shower arm.

  • Low in Price

One of the cool features of using a Berkey shower filter is its low price in the market. For             a price that is below 100 dollars, you can already purchase the Berkey shower filter      through online or in the market. It can give you total wellness when taking a bath. You       can enjoy using it with your whole family.

  • Durable and Longer Lifespan

A Berkey shower filter is made from highly durable materials. It can last for up to 20,000             gallons of water before you can replace the whole product.

  • Standard Flow Rate of Water

A Berkey shower filter provides enough filtration you need without changing the water    flow rate. It can offer the standard average flow rate of water, which is 2.5 gallons of          water in a minute. You can enjoy the filtered water and the high pressure of water at the   same time.

What are the Benefits of Berkey Shower Filters?

Here are the top reasons why you need a Berkey shower filter in your bathroom.

  • It makes your hair smooth and silky.

We all know that public water goes through a series of treatment processes before it          reaches your shower pipes. In short, they included chemical agents that disinfect the      water from germs.

These chemicals can damage your hair instantly. However, a Berkey shower filter helps     you to remove harsh chemicals from the water. As a result, it maintains the natural             nutrients from your hair, making it smoother and silky every day.

  • It helps you to prevent common ailments.

A Berkey shower filter is an excellent anti-germ product. That’s because it helps you to     filter all harmful germs and chemicals from getting through your shower filter.

Make sure to clean your shower filter from time to time. Experts suggest that you need to             clean your shower for at least once a month.

To clean the shower filter, you need to soak the screen in hot water. Once the dirt softens,            brush the shower head with baking soda to remove all the slime build-up.

  • It helps you to look younger.

Untreated water contains free radicals that can damage your tissue. As a result, it will       create wrinkles and fine lines from your face.

To prevent these harmful radicals, you need to maintain clean water using a Berkey           shower filter.

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