Possibilities of getting a spouse Visa


What is Spouse Visa?

There are many types of visa, depending upon the country and the type of visa applier and applier’s qualification. One such important type is Spouse Visa. The name itself suggests that this visa is only meant for the married couple.

If one of the individuals from the pair of a couple wants to go to any other country for a valid reason like studying, getting medical treatment or for tourism purpose, then they can take their partner along with them. This is only possible if he or she has a spouse visa. Not only this, but you can also take one or two of your family members like your kids or parents along with you.

This saves the budget of making a separate visa for each family member. Hence, you can get a spouse visa without spending more money if compared to the traditional types of visa. The visa that has been applied will only be approved if the person has a valid reason for going outside the country. If the diplomats or consulates of the embassy thinks that the reason is invalid, bias or unlawful, then there is a high possibility that your visa can be rejected.

How to apply for Spouse Visa

People often believe that applying for a western country visa is difficult and costly. Most of them believe that the feature of visa making is only meant for the rich ones and not for common people who earn on average. Well, this is incorrect. Many government schemes can help you in getting a visa instantly.

One can easily apply for a spouse visa if he or she has given the A1 English test. It makes it very easy to make any type of passport if you have an A1 English test certificate. Also, there is a high chance that your applied visa could get approval from the official embassy if you show the test certificate.

One can also apply for a visa from any country or any corner of the world through the internet. Yes! You heard it right. You can use your mobile phone and visit the website of the consulate to appeal for a green card. It is highly recommended that one must use a computer system to get a professional approach.


The possibility of approval totally depends upon the individual who wants to go abroad. One must answer all the question without any hesitation or fear of disapproval.  There is a high chance of not getting the passport if you don’t have an A1 English test certificate. A1 English test for spouse visa is very important for getting out of the country.

One can easily get this certificate by giving the test. After the test results are projected, you can generate the certificate automatically. If any of the family members are staying abroad, then there is a likelihood of getting a spouse visa easily. Moreover, your visit abroad will only be accepted if you have done none of the crimes. Your crime record should be null.

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