Tips on Getting the Best Boat Deals


A new boat, whether a fishing boat or a luxury yacht, is a significant investment. We’ve produced a list of seven ideas from insurance professionals that you should keep in mind to get the most out of buying a boat.

1. Buy locally, but shop around.

As with any significant purchase, don’t go with the first dealer you meet or buy the first boat you find in the classifieds. You’ll spend a lot of time on your boat, so do your research. Shopping around allows you to compare and contrast pricing, models, and other factors. Finding the appropriate dealer always pays you in the long term for both your wallet and your enjoyment.

Deal with someone who has been in the industry for a long time. The best boat for you will be determined by what you want to accomplish with it. A local dealer can advise you on where and how to go boating and guide you on the proper path.

2. Some boat acquisitions necessitate the use of a professional broker. 

The more expensive the boat you are contemplating, the more important having a reliable broker is. A broker will offer a wealth of experience in the process, as well as knowledge of various boat brands and models and access to a network of other brokers for information.

Like a good vehicle broker, a good boat broker saves you time and money. A broker may act as your voice of expertise and reason, undertake extensive market research, and ensure you obtain the finest boat at the most fantastic price. In certain circumstances, you don’t even have to step foot inside a dealership.

3. Get a marine lender to help you finance your boat.

If you want to finance your boat, you should always use a marine lender rather than a commercial bank. This is because boats occupy a curious middle ground in the realm of financing, halfway between a vehicle and a house. Boats, like vehicles, lose value over time, but like vacation homes, the interest is frequently tax deductible.

Despite being a specialised sector, maritime lenders are fiercely competitive. So browse around for the finest loan arrangements available.

4. Allow an independent agency to look around for boat insurance.

The easiest approach to save money on boat insurance is to discuss your alternatives with a local independent insurance agency. An independent agent, as opposed to a captive agent who only sells goods and services from one insurer, may shop several boat policies from many different carriers to obtain the coverage that best matches your boat and your boating activities. If you have an accident, an independent agent may also speak for you with your insurance provider and offer you direct answers about how much coverage you need.

5. Have fun with it.

The essential thing is to have fun. You’re going to buy a boat. Isn’t that incredible? So don’t worry about it and don’t rush. Allow yourself plenty of time. Enjoy the trip and allow yourself to fall in love at the proper time.


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