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Texas Holdem is the poker game that most people have come into contact with. It is this variant that gets a lot of room in poker tournaments that are broadcast on TV. When you start playing poker in online poker rooms, it is smart to start with Texas Holdem Poker as this variant is a good foundation for many other types of idn poker.

Texas Holdem Poker – Step by step

Give and darkness

Before any card is handed out, you will decide who will start in the giving position. Given is marked by a button that will rotate around the table clockwise, one step for each hand. At this point, darkness is added. These are bets you make before you even see your cards. Whoever sits directly to the left of the giveaway, represented by the donor button, will put the small blind and the one who sits another step to the left will put the big blind. The big blind is usually twice as large as the small and exact cost of these bets depends on the game room and table you have chosen.


After darkness, the game starts in a clockwise direction and each participant receives 2 cards. Each player must now decide whether to bet or let the round continue without doing anything.


The Flop, or the Flop, is the game when the first 3 common cards are placed on the table. When everyone has taken a look at their own 2 cards and tried to construct something from these with the 3 on the tables, a new betting round is made. Here you can again choose to call, raise the bet or fold. The same rules as in the pre-flop round apply.

The Turn

When you place a fourth joint card on the table you have reached the round called the Turn or Fourth Street. This fourth card is followed by another round of betting with the same choice as before.

The River

The fifth joint card on the table means that you have reached the round known as the River. By now, the game is very exciting, because once you have reached the River many people have folded and left the game and there will be an even fight between a few who participate in the last betting round.


What is known as Showdown is the Texas Holdem Poker Final and here comes the one with the best hand with 5 cards to win. The player who wins gets the total pot of money. Everyone shows their hand in turn, but if you see that the others have better hands and you have lost then you do not even have to show their hand.

Cash games

If you play in Texas Holdem Poker cash games it means that the game chips you bet with are used as cash and that you can buy into the game whenever you want. This type of game is also called Ring Games and just like you can get into the game when you feel like it, you can also leave when you want.

Tournaments – Sit n go

Sit n Go tournaments are games that go pretty fast and provide the opportunity for talented poker players to make good money from their poker. A Sit n Go tournament starts when you have a full table that can consist of 9 players. The pot you can win consists of the money that people buy into the tournament. In addition, you usually split the pot between the three best players so that the one who got the best hand also wins the most money.


Freerolls are also known as freerolls and are poker tournaments where you can participate without having to pay any purchases. It is common for poker rooms to give away free rolls as a bonus and then there is usually a guaranteed prize money that the best players can win.

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