Matthew Davies Provides You With Ways To Declutter Your Computer



When you open your desktop or computer and see all the files scattered on the home screen, your enthusiasm for work is dampened. It the same as how you never want to enter a messy home. A well-organized computer is the reflection of your personality. According to Matthew Davies, it is not difficult to declutter and organize the files on your PC.

The Ways

Here are some ways to organize your computer:

  1. Segregate your files – The first step to managing the mess is to put files of one category under one folder which should be labeled correctly. Once done, you may start putting folders related to a particular project, office, year in another folder, freeing up some space on the desktop screen.
  1. Clear some space on your hard disk – Even though you have segregated the files in one folder, such files can still take up a major part of the storage capacity of your computer. In such cases, the computer may slow down or malfunction because there is not enough space for the operating system to function properly. Chances of files getting corrupted also increases.

The best way to declutter your computer is to put files that are important for you but not for regular use in an external hard drive. This gives you the option of storing all your files yet not using the space of the hard drive on your computer.

  1. Clean up the recycle bin – Whenever you feel that a particular file is no longer of use, you delete it. But your job doesn’t end here. These files are not deleted permanently; instead, they land in the recycle bin of the computer. You will be surprised to see that there are thousands of files in the recycle bin. These also take up unnecessary storage space. Make it a habit to clear the recycle bin at the start of each month.
  1. Delete watched movies – It’s a great way to pass your leisure time by binging the movies and shows that you have downloaded and stored on your computer previously. But wait, did you remember to delete them after watching? As they are lengthy audio and visual files combined in one, they occupy more space when compared to other types of files.

So, it’s best to delete the show after watching to free up space on your computer.

  1. Get rid of unused programs – Every now and then, you may tend to download and install a program when you come across it. In the long run, you realize you hardly use twenty percent of them. However, you may never use them again if these programs are not important. So, it is better to delete these programs from your computer, making it more efficient.


Matthew Davies believes that it is unnecessary to store large files if you don’t use them frequently. If you own an SSD, using more space on your storage device can affect it negatively. So, use a software that prompts you to delete some files once the stored files in your storage device exceed a certain limit.

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