Hybrid Cannabis Strains – Various types and their impacts


Cannabis hybrid strains combine the perfect combination. Professional developers pick the best Indica and Sativa strains and mix them to make powerful strains that retain the essential qualities of both parents. Hybrids can be indica or Sativa predominant, with the associated effects.

The Blue Dream

Blue Dream’s level effects, which lull you slowly into a tranquil bliss, are enjoyed by both beginner and experienced users. Some Blue Dream variants have a more indica-like overall appearance, although the cannabis strain is still the most common.

Cookies from the Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Cookies’ rich and rustic fragrance takes you to the top floor of pleasure, where full-body rest encounters a moment mental zone. This hybrid somewhat goes a long way, and its THC levels have earned Girl Scout Cookies multiple Cannabis Cup prizes. Individuals in need of a large dose of comfort, on the other hand, may seek GSC for severe pain, vomiting, and decreased appetite.

Kush OG

OG Kush is the biological backbone of West Coast cannabis types, although, despite its prevalence, its biological roots are unknown. According to common perception, Chemdawg and the Hindu Kush raised OG Kush, carrying the unique “kush” bud shape seen in other varieties. But, we can’t be certain since OG Kush started as a bag grain in the early nineties. The seeds are reported to have been taken out of Florida by the first propagators (now identified as Imperial Genetics) and sown in Colorado and southern California, whereby it flourishes.


White Widow, a balanced hybrid originally cultivated in the Netherlands by Green House Organics, is among the most well-known varieties globally. Its buds are bright with glittering resin, foreshadowing the profound impact to follow. A huge surge of exhilaration and power quickly follows, enhancing both discussion and imagination. The genes of White Widow have led to a plethora of additional myths, including White Russian, White Rhino, and Blue Widow. Many gardeners, however, enjoy cultivating the ivory Colored Widow, which blooms in approximately 60 days inside.


Let’s not be fooled by its intimidating title: AK-47 will make you comfortable and peaceful. This cannabis strain combination provides consistent and lengthy euphoric effects that keep you up and involved in artistic or sociable pursuits. AK-47 blends Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani strains to provide a diverse blend of flavors and sensations. While the scent of AK-47 is harsh and rustic, the delicate floral notes are only completely revealed in the flavor.


They are introducing Headband, the progeny of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, a cannabis’ dynamic duo. The rich, creamy smoking is complemented with citrus and gasoline aromas, and the long-lasting benefits are perfect for treating pain, relaxation, and reducing elevated stress levels. Some people claim that the impacts cause a small strain around the crest of their head as if they are donning a headband. The effects are said to be gradual, so bide your time with this strong mix.


Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison are Cherry Pie’s breeders. This breed scents like sweet and savory cherry pie and has thick buds with orange hairs and a tinge of purple. The reactions have been documented to appear in moments and last for a couple of hours.


White Fire OG, commonly known as wifi og strain, is a 60% cannabis hybrid with energizing and relaxing neurologically focused qualities. This strain integrates characteristics of its hybrid strain: the acidic, rustic exhaust fragrance of Fire OG and The White’s strong resin production, which coats the plants in a dusty blizzard of crystals. White Fire OG comes in various phenotypes, some with thick, barrel-like flowers and others with peaked, conic formations. This breed will not make the user sleepy daytime, giving it an excellent option for creating social activities. People commonly use White Fire OG to treat depressive episodes, illness, blindness, discomfort, and decreased appetite. White Fire OG cultivators can grow their top plants outside or inside, with a 65-day reproductive phase.


Sour OG is a 50% hybrid cross popular with individuals who enjoy a mixed Sativa/indica high. Sour OG has been accessible in cloning and seed form for a long time as a cross of two of the world’s widest and most readily available varieties (Sour Diesel and OG Kush). The majority of tests showed thick, spherical OG Kush-style buds covered with huge, adhesive trichomes. The aroma and flavor are typically an identical blend of both families, with sour grape, pines, gasoline, and a unique “kushy” background, while other variations have a more fruity profile. Sour OG, sometimes known as a “one-hit-and-quit” strain, begins with an intense head high that eventually gives room to a calming body stone.


Growers in Indiana invented Bubble Gum at first. The genes then spread to New England and, finally, Holland. It required several centuries to create a stable Bubble Gum with the distinctive sweet aroma and euphoric feeling. Bubble Gum won two medals in the Cannabis Cup in 1994 and the 2nd spot in 1995 and 1999.

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