Multimillionaire Alex Mendieta work-life routine


While hunting for the best work-life routine, our search included multimillionaires like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerburg and Warren Buffet, and many more distinguished personalities. But soon, we realised that we should focus on the work-life routine of such a personality with whom most of our readers could relate to. Hence, we landed upon Alejandro Mendieta and his famous work hard and played hard routine, which he has often talked about in his interviews.

In most of his interviews, you will hear him talk how, over the years, he has made changes in his work routine, which allows him to dedicate almost 70 hours to work in a week, hit the gym three times, dine out four times a week, party like a party animal two nights and still enjoy one day off? Sounds unbelievable. But, hold on, and let’s find out how he manages to do all of this in just a week!

Alex’s Work Hard and Play Hard Routine

  1. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: Alex states that the most productive part of his week is the first three days of the week, where he makes the most out of his work routine. Without fail, from Monday to Wednesday, he sits down to work at 10 am and doesn’t leave his work till 1:30 am the next day. In between, he takes a break of 45 minutes each night to hit the gym and focus on his fitness. He eats and finishes his lunch and dinner at the office itself, and since his office is just a 10 minutes distance from his home, he manages to hit the bed by 2 am after a heavy day’s work.
  2. Thursday: On the fourth day of the week, he loosens out a bit and dedicates himself to work from 10 am to 7 pm. After that, he steps out for dinner and drinks with his friends to catch up on some good times. However, he ensures to be back home by 1 am to catch on some good amount of sleep to wake up to a busy workday on Friday.
  3. Friday: Just like Thursday, he reaches the office by 10 am and starts to work, but finishes an hour earlier at 6 pm. Then, he heads back home, freshens up, and gets ready to grab dinner and go out and enjoy a big night.
  4. Saturday: As the weekend begins, he allows himself to be able to soak in some of the weekend vibes and dedicates just four hours of late morning to work. If the weather is good, he takes his boat out, catches an afternoon nap, and then gears himself up for a good dinner and a big night.
  5. Sunday: The official weekend gets Alex in a relaxed mood, and he doesn’t do any work that day. If the weather is pleasant, he invites his friends and takes the boat out to spend some fun and quality time with them. If the weather isn’t suitable, he enjoys a late lunch and relaxes for the rest of the day. At night, he goes out for dinner and finishes it off with some red wine.


After reading the work routine, it seems believable that he works for 70 hours a week and still manages to play hard and enjoy his life. This explains why his work routine is indeed the best one. In one of his interviews conducted by Men’s Health, Alex states the importance of the first three days of the week, which allows all of us to absorb everything in. He has said, “Getting older has allowed me to appreciate the time we have and to squeeze every minute out of it. We cannot stop working hard, or we will not get to our financial goals, yet I want to have lots of fun”.

What plays to his benefit is that his commute distance from his home to office is just 10 minutes and from his gym to the office is only 3 minutes. This saves up a lot of travelling time; hence he can dedicate himself to work for longer hours.

If you follow Alex’s work routine, you are sure to make a lot of money and make the most of it!