5 Benefits of a Short Term Service Apartment in Singapore


Staying at a hotel for a business trip or family vacation can slowly but surely eat away your funds. If you need accommodation for your next trip, consider getting a short term service apartment in Singapore. These apartments are becoming one of the best hotel alternatives, no matter your reason for staying. Here are five benefits of staying in service apartments.

1. Access to Amenities

When people think of amenities in Singapore service apartments, they think of fully functioning kitchens and laundry rooms for a comfortable stay. While those are good amenities, many service apartments also give you access to amenities you might find at a hotel, such as a swimming pool, a lounge, or a gym.

2. No Maintenance Costs and Repair Bills

If you break an appliance or a water pipe in your short term service apartment in Singapore, don’t fret. You won’t be charged additional fees for the damage. All you have to do is call the in-house housekeeping services, who may send you an electrician or plumber to solve the issue. Now, you can use their provided amenities without fear of breaking any and paying for it.

3. Flexibility and Affordability

One of the most well-known advantages of Singapore service apartments is their flexibility. You’ll be able to control how long or short your stay is in the apartment, whether you decide to cut your visit short or extend it to another month or two. You can even stay in a service apartment for half the price of a hotel stay and for twice as long.

4. Fixed Rent Amount

No matter how much electricity or water you use, your apartment for rent in Singapore will have a consistent monthly rent. You can even let other friends, family members, or coworkers stay at your service apartment at no additional charge. You can enjoy everything it has to offer without worrying about unexpected costs.

5. High Flexibility to Downsize

Did you step into your short term rental accommodation in Singapore for the first time only to find a place too large for your liking? Many apartments will work with you and help you find the perfect place for your needs.

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