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Although women are much less affected than men by this type of poisoning, its consequences on fertility are also well documented.It is advisable to refrain from regular daily consumption , such as heavy consumption, even accidental. Make a visit to https://www.balancefertility.co.uk for the best results now.


Regular consumption of caffeine decreases pregnancy rates in IVF, with a dose-dependent effect. The cause seems to be the decrease in the number of oocytes and the fertilization rate. Caffeine has a hormonal effect, plasma testosterone drops in a dose-dependent manner.

It is recommended to limit daily consumption to 2 cups of coffee or tea per day, and to avoid caffeinated sodas and energy drinks.

Environmental Toxics

The products concerned are mainly endocrine disruptors, that is to say toxicants capable of mimicking the action of certain hormones.

This is a very complicated problem: most of these toxins probably do not work on their own, but in combination with others their effects are not the same for the embryo, child or adult, the long-term consequences difficult to assess.

  • As a general rule, it seems prudent to avoid contact with pesticides, herbicides, certain food plastics (phthalates), hair dyes, solvents, industrial inks.
  • In the daily diet, the more a product is in the food chain, the more it risks concentrating toxic products: a cereal is fewer suspects than fat from beef or salmon. And an organic product will always be less risky.

As the action of everyday drugs is not always well documented, it seems prudent to limit drug consumption as much as possible, even with analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Cooling off

The testes are programmed to operate at 35 °. Subjecting them to excessive temperatures decreases the quality of the sperm.

A high fever can cause a sharp and prolonged drop (2-3 months) in sperm production.

Certain professions expose to excess temperatures, in particular among cooks, bakers, metallurgists, truck drivers.

In everyday life, you should avoid hot baths , tight clothes, and not put your laptop on your knees to work.

It is also recommended not to keep your mobile phone in your pocket, the effect of the emissions being possibly harmful on the quality of the sperm.

The repetitive micro-trauma to the testicles (mountain biking, horse) would also be damaging.

Take Dietary Supplements

Certain products appear to increase the chances of pregnancy. These gains are hard to quantify, however, but well worth a try.

For Madame

  • Folic acid , or vitamin B9, is a vitamin necessary for the development of the embryo , and in particular of its nervous system. The daily requirement is 0.4 mg. Health organizations recommend supplementation for all women wishing to conceive,  to begin about 2 months before pregnancy .
  • Vitamin D also appears useful, a significant deficiency greatly reducing the chances of pregnancy. The daily requirement is 0.5µg.
  • Vitamin C and vitamin E appear to have useful antioxidant effects.

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