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With the democratization of teleworking, garden offices have the c o you. Wooden garden sheds are increasingly designed and used as a workspace. For optimal conditions, many people choose a custom garden office. How to do it? Our advice for setting up a practical and pleasant professional space   at the back of the garden.

What Surface Area for a Garden Office?

The Labor Code has no rule regarding the minimum surface area for an office. However, the Aynor NF X 35-102 standard, a reference framework for companies, recommends a minimum space:

  • 10 m² per worker, whether it is an individual or collective office
  • 15 m² per worker in a noisy collective space, with phone calls for example
  • To optimize your working conditions, it is therefore preferable to choose a garden office of at least 15 m².

Before building your structure, administrative procedures are required depending on the area chosen: 

For an area below 20 m², a simple prior declaration of work to the town hall is sufficient. This is an urban planning authorization for which the instruction period is generally one month. For a garden office of more than 20 m², it is imperative to have obtained the famous building permit. A slightly longer procedure, between 2 and 3 months, and which requires more documents.  You can Click here for the best deal.

Do you want to invest in a garden office  ? Discover all our models and find the one that meets your desires and needs, according to your budget.

How To Set Up A Garden Office?

Having a custom garden office built is the advantage of being able to arrange it according to your needs and desires. Here are some tips inspired by the latest trends.

Arrange The Interior

The interior of your garden office is essential, you have to feel good there to be able to work in the best possible conditions and gain in productivity. On an ideal surface of at least 15 m², there is plenty of room for a suitable desk with storage cabinets. Above all, and this is the real trend, make your garden office a habitable place, especially with a bathroom (shower and WC). An investment that can be useful if you want to transform your garden shed into a guest room, or even into a rental space. Beyond your office, you should not therefore neglect the development of a real living space. Several other options are available to you:

A sofa corner for relaxation and the possibility of making a guest room

A corner with a large table to organize meetings

Note that if you have a swimming pool and your garden office is not far away, thanks to the bathroom, your workspace can turn into a pool house during the summer.

Furnish The Exterior

Today, garden offices are no longer synonymous with prefabricated buildings or concrete block houses. Now is the time for a designer wooden garden desk. Your workspace will be more discreet in your garden. Besides the aesthetic aspect, wood also offers an ecological aspect to your office as well as good insulation capacities.

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