Comparing DUI defense lawyer in Oklahoma City: Here’s a guide


Driving Under the Influence could land you in serious trouble in Oklahoma. Convictions could have serious implications on your life, and it is absolutely paramount that you start working on your defense at the earliest. It is okay to feel frantic and stressed, especially if you have been arrested, but don’t let that impair your judgment. Finding the right DUI defense lawyer OKC can seem like an uphill task, especially when there are so many options, but we have a few pointers that will help you compare better.

Make a shortlist

Talk to people you know and make a list of potential lawyers. It is always better to choose a law firm over an individual, primarily because if there is an issue or a case requires more heads, there is already a team to deal with everything. You need at least four to five names so that you can start sorting. If you don’t have references, just look online. There are legal websites that have ready listings of local law firms in Oklahoma City.

Schedule consultations

Consider meeting the shortlisted attorneys at the earliest, but be prepared for the meeting. If you have a copy of the police report, search inventory report, and other information, take that with you. Also, note down further details, such as the names of the witnesses and the details of the arresting officer.

Look for ratings

You need to check what other clients are saying about an attorney, for which online ratings and social media testimonials can be helpful. Check if the law firm has too many negative reviews, and if yes, are these on the same lines?

Consider if you like their approach

The attitude of an attorney can make or break a case, especially when it comes to matters concerning criminal law. You need to check whether the lawyer is adhering to the ethical practices of their profession and if they are explaining every option that is feasible for your situation. Also, an excellent criminal attorney is someone who will answer your questions.

Check if you can afford them

It is common for DUI lawyers to work on a retainer fee besides an hourly rate. If the case is complex and requires more effort, you will end up paying more, but you still need a clear contract with the attorney. Don’t hire an attorney because they charge more than others, but don’t look for the lowest hourly price either.

Start looking actively for a reliable DUI lawyer.

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