Know A Few Dos and Don’ts of SEO and Business Directories


These days without any online presence, no business can grow. Therefore, business listings in a certain online popular business directory is very important for generating search engine optimization (SEO), because only that can offer backlinks to your business website. 

With these, you can increase the ranking of your website on search engines. Besides that, more and more people will notice your business that can lead to increased sales. In Australia, Bleen is a well-known business directory where almost every business companies want to list their names. 

By listing your business name on their website you can also help in generating more SEO so that your prospects and customers can easily find you while searching on the internet.

However, to effectively use this medium for promotion of your business, you must remember the following dos and don’ts.

List of dos

  • Ensure that it’s right

Whatever information that you post in the business directory must be quite relevant and up-to-date information. Keeping old information or any wrong information can offer a poor image of your company. 

  • Claim your profiles

You must claim your own profiles so that someone else may not get the credit of your profile. If you have not yet claimed at least the My Business page in Google, you must claim it. This can help you to connect with Google Maps so that people can easily locate you. 

  • Categorize your business in the right place

You must list your business in the relevant category so that you can be easily found by any of your prospects when they are looking for any service or product that you deal with. 

  • Link, link, link!

When you are going for business listings then more will be the merrier. You must get as many backlinks as possible meant for SEO. 

  • Choose them wisely

All business listings may not be equally effective. Before you list your business, do a little research and assess each directory. Check the traffics that it is getting and also its reputation.

  • Upload a photo

If the business directories provide such an option, then add a few photos that should be relevant to your business.  Photos can make people believe more about the business and also about the people behind the business. 

List of don’ts

  • Exaggerate or fluff

Do not try to exaggerate about your business. You should put facts so that people can believe that you have a genuine business. 

  • Forget categories

Unless your business is listed in the right categories, nobody can find you, so you must not forget to choose the right category while listing.

  • Rely too much on automatic submission services 

Automated services may not categorize your listing properly. They cannot select the right niche directories meant for your business. In case your profile is showing up in a certain wrong place, then you may lose even with strong SEO.

Last, but not the least, you must also keep on posting articles and blogs about your business in the Busy Fox, which is read by many people in Australia. This can make your company the most talked-about company by regularly posting your information.

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