5 Popular Video Downloading Apps You Cannot Ignore


There is hardly anyone among us who does not like to watch movies or TV. Once upon a time we were dependent on the movie halls or even TV, but with technology available in the form of smartphones things have gone on to become easy. Many apps in the form of YouTube are there where you can video steam the devices and even go on to watch it in the offline mode.

But with this feature you would be restricted to the use of this app itself. Google is not going to provide you with any feature in order to download the video and save them on to your mobile phone. Even there is no official app in the market that goes on to provide this feature. But there are a host of third party apps in the market that enables you to download the videos and then save them on to your mobile phone. Around Android the focus is to provide you with a smooth Android experience by formulation of top notch contents on this Android OS. Let us now explore some of the popular video downloading apps on this platform


This is one of the popular video downloading app on the Android platform. This is an easy to use app that enables you to download videos in a convincing manner. Other amazing features of this app are background download, multiple download, resume and pause, an in built video player with a host of more features. With an in built browser you gain access to a host of sites.


This is a prominent video downloading app that has all the features that you are looking out for. In order to comply with Download Vidmate you have to first work upon the apk file. The user interface is organized on the basis of categories that go on to make your search a relatively easy one. Even with a search option you can figure out videos directly from the internet.


This is among the top rated apps on the Android platform and an user friendly interface allows a steady access from sites from the main menu. Once you go on to download a video it is saved directly on to the gallery and even you can go on to share your videos on to any social platforms.


An easy to use video downloader ensures downloading from any source is fast and undertaken in an easy manner. A special feature is provided where you just need to copy paste the URL in order to download any video. In addition to this it allows you to download videos in any format of your choice.


This is one of the straight forward apps as far as video downloading is concerned. Not only from the social sites, you canalso download HD content at a high speed. It goes on to support any type of format before you are planning to download any video.

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