Ways to Stay Healthy Even if You’re Too Busy Working from Home, and It Starts With Drinking Clean Water from Big Berkey


Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean your life is a lot easier. Sure, it’s more convenient to work at your house, but you can still be very busy. Your daily schedule is the same as when you’re working in an office, or even worse. You might end up being unhealthy as a result of being too busy. You can’t sleep on time and even forget to eat on schedule. Before things get worse, you have to change your ways. Start by drinking water regularly. Make sure you use the Big Berkey water filter so that you have clean drinking water all the time. Staying hydrated is crucial in being healthy. When you have a lot on your plate, you might forget to stay healthy. Apart from drinking water regularly, these are the other ways to stay healthy despite being too busy.

Setup a separate office

Since you work from home, it’s challenging to separate your personal life with work life. An excellent way to remind yourself that you still have a personal life is by creating a space dedicated to work. When you’re there, it’s okay to keep working. However, once you’re out of your working space, you need to forget anything related to work. Spend time with your children or do your hobbies. It also reminds you that you shouldn’t spend all your time to get your work-related tasks done.

Choose the right working chair

The work from home set up forces you to sit in front of your computer for several hours a day. It can adversely affect your posture and lead to bodily pains. One of the ways to prevent it from happening is by choosing the right working chair. You need to select an ergonomic chair that allows you to maintain proper posture while sitting. Check if it’s white enough that you feel comfortable when sitting down. You should also have an armrest in the backrest should be flexible. If you can afford a swiveling chair, it’s even better. You can take a break and relax without leaving your workstation.

Set a clear schedule and stick to it

You feel busy because you keep doing a lot of things. There are only a few hours a day. Make sure that you use them wisely. Create a schedule that allows you to get things done and have a good rest. Even if you still have to do a lot of things, you should stick with your schedule. Otherwise, you will be tempted to work beyond your allotted time. You can’t keep refining your schedule until you find the perfect work and life balance.

Always workout from home

Despite your busy schedule, you should allot time to work out. Remember that your work forces you to sit for several hours. Exercising allows you to stay healthy. You can purchase fitness equipment online so you can keep exercising at home. Even if you don’t use the equipment, you can still achieve your fitness goals. There are training videos that you can follow. You can also use dance lessons or even try yoga.

Take a break from work

In a regular work setting, there are times when you leave your chair to do other things. You might even go out of your office to breathe fresh air. You have to do the same even if you’re working from home. You can even set the alarm so that you will be reminded to stand up every hour. Try to do some stretching exercises or even go out of your workstation for a while. Working for several hours could lead to burnout. You don’t want it to happen.

Don’t rely on takeouts 

Since you started working from home, you might be too dependent on takeouts. With the popularity of food delivery apps, it’s easy to order whatever you want. You don’t even have to cook anymore. You should stop ordering all the time since you could end up eating unhealthy dishes. You don’t know what yours into the food that you order. You might also be tempted to order from a fast food restaurant all the time. Since you’re always at home, use it as an opportunity to learn how to cook healthy meals. Even if you’re too busy, it doesn’t give you an excuse to avoid eating healthy dishes.

Learn to say no

One of the reasons why you feel busy all the time is that you couldn’t say no. When someone tells you to do a task, you agreed to it even if you already have a lot on your plate. Saying no isn’t going to hurt you. Forget what other people say about you if you decline the task or offer.

Connect with the people you love 

You feel stressed out because you have nothing else to think about except work. It might be time also to consider communicating with the people you love. They will remind you that there’s more to life outside work. They will also make you feel motivated, and you will keep going despite all the challenges you face. Protecting your mental health is crucial, especially in this challenging moment. A lot of people have already given up hope because of what’s happening. You can’t allow yourself to feel the same way.

Don’t worry if you’re not productive 

The quarantine orders were not meant for everyone to be productive. The primary goal is to stop the spread of the virus. You shouldn’t put immense pressure on yourself to be productive. Some people aren’t doing anything at all, and it’s okay. If you want to do something that makes you feel productive, you should do it. Never compare yourself with other people. You don’t have the same passion and interest. You also don’t feel happy doing the same things. Try doing what you love, and not depend on what others want to do.

When you’re very busy with work, you should be grateful. It means that your employer still needs you. A lot of people lost their jobs because of this pandemic. Manage your time well so that even if you have many things to do, you can stay healthy.

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