All about Armored Clothing


For anyone working in the high-risk civilian security sector, armored clothing is one of the best inventions since sliced bread. With such coverts protective attire, you can infiltrate any group and just seem like one of the crowd, while doing your job safely and staying protected.

For professionals, there are three major reasons to consider using armored clothing from UARM:

  1. It is 100% covert
  2. Comfortable and can be worn for the entire day
  3. Very wide area of protection

Additionally, there are different types of clothes that you can choose from. For instance, using a stylish black tee like the CAT™ Covert Armored T-Shirt is phenomenal when securing venues or VIPs.

This shirt seems like a regular tee someone would wear to the club, not discerning you from the crowd. But, if there is a hostile situation with firearms, you will still be protected. And that level of advantage is hard to find in such hectic situations.

Reasons for Armored Clothing

Covertness is the major advantage of armored clothing, but it is far from being the only one. The comfort of such clothes plays a major role both from a personal perspective and practically when it comes to doing your job.

For one, you will get tired less. Anyone who wore a covert vest under a button-down shirt knows how hot and humid those things can get, especially after a couple of hours.

But if you are only wearing a single shirt with a layer of high-quality fabric between your skin and the ballistic panel, it will feel the same as having a regular shirt on you. And the effects are even better for puffer vests and jackets where you can wear a regular base layer underneath.

With this solution, you can stay fresh and alert for hours and deep into the night when most jobs take place.

Finally, armored clothes often offer an even greater area of protection than some regular vests, especially when it comes to winter clothing models. The largest APJ™ Armored Puffer Jacket has a protective area of almost six square feet.

With such a wide area, you can not only protect your own vitals but use the unzipped jacket to protect someone else as well. Instantly, you can create a ballistic wall between the threat and the client.

Types of Armored Clothing

Armored clothes come in everything from simple sleeveless shirts to large puffer jackets and many types in-between. This opens a large tactical variety for those using such armor, as it can adapt to any situation.

For instance, wearing a white singlet with a Hawaiian shirt over it will make you appropriate for the beach, which is not something any other type of armor can accomplish.

Similarly, you can wear full business attire over the armored t-shirt, making you look professional and relaxed while protecting your vitals from gunfire. This can make your client look as if they are unbothered and unprotected while retaining full professional detail close at hand.

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