Easy Installation Guide to PKV Games for Card Game Fanatics


Hey, do you think you can beat anyone in a card game? Do you have what it takes to beat the best players of card games? Then, wait no longer and hop on to PKV Games, where you can get the best card games to play. You can compete against the best players from all around the globe, right from your smartphone. So, what is your most favorite game – Dominoes, Texas Hold’em, or what?

If you are looking for how to download PKV games on your smartphone or computer, here is a post to guide you in detail. 

How To Download PKV Games In Your Smartphone?

Generally, most of the online card games in the country ask you to open it through a browser. But, the case of PKV Games is slightly different, where you can play it through your browser if you wish but you also have apps. Yes, there are dedicated Android and iOS apps, which you can download to get the PKV Games app on your smartphone.

Remember to use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera to download the app for Android or iOS. Having a stable network connection is necessary while downloading the app.

How To Download PKV Games On Your PC?

Maybe you want to play your favorite card game on a bigger screen of your computer or laptop. In that case, you do not need to download any application and you will get two versions there. 

For old configuration computers, you should choose the HTML5 version. For better configurations, you can download the Flash version for better graphics and gameplay. PKV Games are for every card game lover so having different variants make sure that everyone enjoys the game.

Can Your Account And Game Data Sync Across Devices?

Yes, this is one of the biggest reasons, why everyone loves PKV Games so much. Even if you have made an account on your computer, you can still play card games from your smartphone. You do not need to make multiple accounts, as just one will do across platforms.

Can You Earn Real Money Through PKV Games?

Unlike browser card games, when you download PKV Games, do know that you are about to earn real money by winning matches and hitting achievements. That is why when you register for the first time, you need to add your bank details as well.

PKV Games are popular among a great mass of people in Indonesia for its amazing card games.

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