Is It Possible To Get Natural Hairline By Hair Transplant?


Cosmetic surgeries are seeping globally at a faster rate as aesthetic needs are on a constant rise. In the present times the personality and looks possess a major role in successful personal, social and professional life. Importance of healthy scalp cannot be neglected as it is one of the most crucial aesthetic components. 

Hair transplant is that case is a life savoir which can cover the baldness and brings back your lost confidence. It is the only hair loss solution which provides permanent and natural outcomes. But the results achieved by hair transplants are very subjective and relies on the hair transplant surgeon’s skills. Although, the newer techniques have been developed which are competent in providing extremely natural results but that depends on many factors which includes


  • Search a competent hair transplant surgeon: The component which is critical for successful hair transplant is finding a competent hair transplant surgeon. Cosmetic surgeries not only required rectification of aesthetic flaws but also rectify them delivering a natural look. These surgeries are highly demanding in terms of precision and technique sensitivity which needs expert hands to do justice with the procedure. High certified and authorized qualification is a crucial component to ensure the outcomes. FUT hair transplant technique is bit complicated and requires extensive skills to harvest the strip with precision and advance closure named trichophytic closure which make it possible to deliver almost invisible scars.  


    1. Choose the surgeon who has sound decision making: Decision making in any surgical procedures is crucial for the successful outcome. Strong decision making comes with holistic approach which only a knowledgeable surgeon could do. Holistic approach makes sure that every aspect of the diagnosis has been ruled out so as to make sure the use of right technique.  FUT and FUE techniques have their indications and limitation which has to be opted as per the case. Combination technique of FUT and FUE techniques are been used in advanced cases when neither of the technique seem efficient in terms of extracting adequate numbers of hair grafts. Thus it is mandatory to opt for the surgeon who uses holistic approach to make a decision and not just rely on a single technique blindly for all cases. 
    2. Artistic vision of hair transplant surgeon adds to natural outcome: Surgical skill of the hair transplant surgeon is crucial for successful outcome but artistic vision of the surgeon is an additive component which enhances the outcomes of the surgeon. It would be great if you could find a surgeon with excellent artistic sense along with surgical skills.  To ensure the natural hairline design in hair transplant surgery it is mandatory to arrange the follicular units taking care of angulations, arrangements and alignment. Single grafts and multiple grafts are to be used as per their maximum benefitsThe angulations for hair follicles should be directed properly.  The hair follicular grafts are arranged maintain irregularly irregular zigzag pattern, 


  • High magnification microscopes at every step ensures natural outcome with maximum coverage: If the hair transplant surgeon is competent then it could be ensured that the results you would achieve be natural and offers maximum coverage.  Each step should be performed under high magnification which ensures high survival rate of the follicular grafts by reducing the damage to the tiny follicles.  


  1. Usage of high standard equipments of latest technology: With the advent of advancements hair transplant surgeries have come a long way.  The skills of the surgeons could be enhanced by utilizing the equipments of latest technology judiciously. But to utilize equipments efficiently the expertise of the hair transplant surgeon is mandatory. 

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