Getting a Bridal Airbrush Tan


There are several reasons to get a tan, whether you’re getting ready for a special occasion or you’re preparing for a summer vacation. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and a bridal tan is one of the best ways to ensure you look your best for your big day. When you’re preparing for your bridal tan, here are a few things to keep in mind.

One of the first things to consider is how much of a tan you want. If your wedding is in the fall or winter, you don’t want a tan that is too deep, especially if the wedding is not in a tropical location. A light tan is best for colder months of the year but will still give you a healthy glow that keeps you from appearing too pale in a white or cream dress. It’s also best to work with your tanning associate to find the tanning solution that will compliment your skin tone and undertones so the tan looks natural.

You should make sure you get a tan a few days before your wedding. This gives your tan some time to set into your skin so the solution will be seamless and even. You also need to give the solution enough time to dry completely since you don’t want any of the tanning solution to rub off on your wedding dress, since it can be difficult to remove the tanning solution.

About two days before your tanning appointment, be sure to exfoliate and moisturize your skin. Exfoliation removes dead skin from the body and keeps your tan from being uneven. You should thoroughly moisturize your skin in the days leading up to your tanning session since nourished skin allows the tanning solution to enhance your overall look. However, the day of your appointment, you should refrain from wearing any lotions or oils. Since you’ve been applying moisture a few days prior, your skin will have enough natural glow to hold the tanning solution without streaking.

Make sure you’re not wearing any jewelry while you’re getting a tan and don’t wear deodorant to keep your armpits from turning green. Don’t wear any makeup on your face if you’re applying the tanning solution to your face; however, eyeliner and mascara is fine.

After the tanning solution is applied, you should wait about eight hours before taking a shower. If you take a shower too soon, you’ll rinse the tan from your skin. Some tanning solutions will provide you with special solutions that speed up the process so you can take a shower about four hours after getting your tan.

A quality airbrush tan can last for weeks, or you can get a more intense tan that will last for a few days. If you want the tan to last while you’re on your honeymoon, you can bring along tinted lotions and body oils to maintain the sun-kissed appearance of your skin. Be sure to wear sunscreen when you’re outdoors to maintain your tan and protect your skin from UV rays.

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