How can you take a better picture


Nowadays, photography is the most trending profession. If you remember a time, when capturing a good picture took a lot of time and energy. We would’ve to buy an expensive camera for a good picture but today we have different apps and software through which we can edit our pictures.

Use the phone perfectly to get perfect shot

  • Gridlines: One of the ways to improve your pictures in mobile is the use of gridlines. There is a theory called a “rule of thirds” in which the image is broken down into thirds, horizontally and vertically to get nine parts in total. This theory helps the pictures to be balanced and looks more natural.
  • Camara focus: Today, many smartphones automatically focus on the subject, but not every picture has an obvious subject. If you want to avoid this kind of situation, then you can just tap on the screen after an app gets open to focus on the main object.
  • Filters: Nowadays, people use different filters to make their pictures more attractive, so that they can easily attract their viewers. You can adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast of the picture to make it more attractive.
  • Negative space: Many people don’t embrace the negative space that results in bad pictures. Professionals say, if you want to get a perfect picture, then you have to focus on the negative space also.

Get your dreampictures

There is a photography effect called lens flare which adds individuality and drama in a picture that makes it more attractive. In simple term, it is a phenomenon in which light scattered in the lens and responses with bright light. If you want to know more about lens flare, then you can visit this page Thispage will also give you some best ideas about how to do a creative lens flare.

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