Ideas For A Perfect Date In Sydney


Are you in Sydney for a date night, and don’t know where to start? Well, if you happen to be a hopeless romantic or a person with great taste in good food and cool places that the city has to offer, then this list is for you. Whether it is your anniversary or just another date night out on the town, we’ve got all the ideas covered from fine dining destinations to fun bars and cafes! Here are some of my favorite spots for a fantastic date night in Sydney.

In The City Centre: This place is an absolute dream come true – they have desserts prepared by their very own pastry chefs every day from 4-7 PM…oh my gosh. I still drool over this fact. What’s more? You can order as many desserts as you want. And yes, that includes the famous Opera Cake made at Bottega Fine Chocolate Cafe! This is such an incredible way to treat your data and remember their name. It doesn’t matter if you’re a chocoholic or just really enjoy having desserts, this place has it all and so much more. Here’s a list of other cafes in the city center:

  1. Chancery – This classy establishment offers up to 20% off food throughout the week after 5:00 PM. Their pasta is handmade and imported from Italy daily. With SOHO on George Street being one of my favorite destinations for people-watching, what better way to enjoy it than with a meal or two?
  2. Moo Moo – This place is perfect for fresh pasta and risotto, all prepared lovingly by the chefs at this restaurant. Their extensive wine list complements their home-style food well, making them one of my personal favorites. When I’m craving good Italian cuisine, this is where I go!
  3. Toastface Grillah – Love hipster cafes? Here you’ll find grilled cheese sandwiches that are to die for, as well as fine coffee drinks that are made from beans roasted locally in Sydney. All their products are sourced locally which helps support small businesses in Australia! What better way to experience local foodie culture?
  4. Hubert – If Asian fusion is more your style, then Hubert is the place to go. All their meat is homemade on-site and they have some of the best sushi in Sydney! If you’re looking for something a bit more casual but just as delicious, try out Sushi Kuu restaurant next door!
  5. Tetsuya’s – This place has gotten mixed reviews for its prices but I think it’s worth every cent for what you get. Their tasting menu offers unique dishes unlike anywhere else in Sydney, showing customers why this restaurant is so highly acclaimed worldwide. If that isn’t enough to convince you, then let me tell you about how amazing their desserts are (their hot chocolate souffle pudding will rock your socks off)!

In The Inner West: This one is for all you foodies out there. If you’re looking for something a bit more affordable and just as delicious, then the Inner West is your best bet!

  1. Majestique – With Sichuanese food, Malaysian laksas, and Cantonese dim sums galore, this place offers so much to please everyone’s palate. Try their signature prawn toast with chili jam to kick things off, and follow it up with some spicy wontons or handmade pork dumplings (a must-try). Finish off with a refreshing bowl of coconut ice cream and mango sago before moving on to dessert at…
  2. Joe’s Chocolate – I think we can all agree that a good chocolate cake is a match made in heaven. Joe’s Chocolate has been a local favorite for a while because of their rich and moist cakes, not to mention it being an old-fashioned cafe with great service that’s been around since the 80s! There are several locations in Sydney so you have plenty to choose from when it comes to finding one near you.
  3. Aphrodite – This unique Lebanese restaurant will knock your socks off with its beautiful decor, delicious mezze platters, and friendly staff who always make you feel at home. I recommend starting off with some stuffed vine leaves or hummus before moving onto mains like the mixed grill kebab (with lamb, chicken, and kafta) or shish tawook (chicken skewers). Finish off with some Turkish delight and baklava for dessert!
  4. Green Peppercorn – This place is as good as it gets when it comes to fine French-inspired cuisine in the Inner West. If you’re looking for a romantic evening, head here early on a warm summer night and enjoy their outdoor seating area where you can watch the world go by. They offer discounts before 7:00 PM and after 9:30 PM, so make sure to check that out if you don’t like crowds or waiting around! I recommend their well-priced degustation menu which changes seasonally; order two courses each and share them across your table for an even better meal.


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