Frequently Asked Questions About The Shoulder SLAP Tear, Answered


No matter how careful a person is, accidents happen, even at the least unexpected time. For example, if you try to break your fall by using your hands to stand up again, that action might put too much pressure on your shoulder, causing a SLAP tear. It is a common injury due to the tear of the cartilage in the inner part of your shoulder joint, making you unable to move your shoulder and arm.

There are other more injuries that you might get once in a lifetime. But if you suspect you are suffering from a shoulder labral tear in Singapore right now, knowing more about it can help ease your anxiety, manage the pain and consider getting yourself treated.

6 Frequently Asked Questions About The Shoulder SLAP Tear, Answered

1. What happens if a shoulder SLAP tear goes untreated?

A shoulder SLAP tear, like most injuries, diseases, and conditions, will worsen if left untreated. It will be more painful, particularly when moving the arm and shoulder.

2. How long does it take to recover from a shoulder SLAP tear?

The person’s state of health can impact how quickly a shoulder SLAP tear heals. However, it usually takes at least three to four months for the recuperation process to complete. For those with worse symptoms and got shoulder SLAP tear surgery, it may continue up to a year before they can fully recover.

3. What causes a shoulder SLAP tear?

A shoulder SLAP tear occurs in many ways but mainly happens if you overuse your arms. Doing so will make the labrum wear out. The other causes of a shoulder SLAP tear are a high frequency of overhead motion and ageing.

4. How do healthcare providers diagnose shoulder SLAP tears?

There are two ways in which healthcare providers diagnose a patient for a shoulder SLAP tear: physical assessment and MRI.

The first one involves checking the arms and shoulders, from the range of motion to the amount of strength. Sometimes, they will put some pressure on the arms or shoulder to determine where the pain or discomfort is.

5. Can my shoulder become hurt again and need further SLAP tear treatment?

A shoulder SLAP tear can resurface again just to other injuries, like hip dysplasia in Singapore, if you do not put consideration on your arms and shoulders.

6. Can A SLAP Tear Heal Without Surgery?

In some cases, it can as long as you are well-rested and receive physical therapy.

Do You Have More Questions About The Shoulder SLAP Tear?

If there is anything left unanswered, do not hesitate to ask for help from a specialist in treating a shoulder SLAP tear. Rely on a reliable one so you can be confident that they can answer every question you have in mind and treat your shoulder SLAP tear and other musculoskeletal problems like meniscus tear in Singapore.

Contact the Advanced Orthopaedic and Sports Centre at +65 6592 5522, leave a message on their website, or drop by in person if you need immediate attention and medical care for your shoulder labral tear in Singapore.

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