5 Cybersecurity Certifications That Will Get You Hired


Obtaining the right certification can enhance your knowledge of data security. If you are an expert in network security, you need to know the best online security certifications. Obtaining these grades will help you succeed in the process. Here, we will cover five online cyber security certifications that may hire you. Global spending on networks and product and service security are expected to grow by up to 15.2% annually by 2022, with IoT products at the forefront. Network security experts are leading the effort to protect our devices and networks – all with specialized training, making them great for all hackers.

Value of Cyber Security Certifications

All the same, some of the most popular certificates required by the US government are through the D-o-D directive. If you want to work for Internet Security or a similar government contractor today, study the requirements, look for certificates and apply them or hire them until the requirements change. However, in addition to their direct application by the D-o-D, blindly following these instructions damages the image of polarizing witnesses. Many of the recommended certificates are intended for use in a wide sector, cover many areas and lack specificity in a particular area. When organizations focus solely on hiring people who hold these certifications, they ignore people with recognizable and valuable knowledge and skills

5 IT Certifications – Cyber Security Professionalsmustconsider

Proper certification can give you an edge in the growing field of network security. Here are five certifications that help professionals acquire the skills they need:

CompTIA Network+

In this era of network security, Network+ helps a person to take an initiative. This certification can be achieved via CompTIA, however, it is not necessary to a number ofnetwork security work, it provides an excellent basis for computer-to-network interactions and offers best practices of cybersecurity. To collect, one should apprehend the succeeding aspects:

  • Ideas related to networking
  • Substructure
  • Network operation
  • Safety of network 
  • Tools of networking and troubleshooting 

The salary you earn depends on your work and experience. If you are considering seeking a security certificate for this network, here are some jobs to do:

  • Administrator
  • Manager IT
  • Server

Certified Ethical Hacker

It is also recognized as a Certified Network Security Architect for the staff of Government; however, it is attained by the EC Council and there is a requirement of at least 2 years’ experience in the field of IT. However, this cert determining as a great advantage because the purpose of this certification is to make you think of hackers so that you can prevent attacks on your employer. Attendees take centre stage (using their system) in five phases of hacking: reviewing, unlocking, counting, maintaining access, and covering your stories. If you want to improve your job opportunities, here are some jobs you are entitled to: 

  • Threatens analyst
  • Information security assessor
  • Penetration test

CompTIA Security+

Similar to Network+, Security+ originates through CompTIA and it is considered as the significant certification of network security as it offers elementary knowledge regarding encryption and susceptibility. Security+ validates that you comprehend the appropriate way in order to organize security systems, apps and networks. Moreover, an individual should be capable to perform risk analysis and justification techniques for such a system. In order to clear this exam, one should have a detailed understanding of:

  • Dangers and susceptibilities
  • Management of business
  • Administration
  • Network construction and design

Certified Information Systems Security Professional

This certification is attained by the Global Association for Information System Security. As one of the best online security certifications at the professional level, CISSP works to reduce vulnerabilities in web systems, cryptographic concepts, research and professionalism. Following requirements are must in order to appear in the exam:

  • Minimum 5-years industry experience
  • Knowledge of at least eight general knowledge areas
  • Existing experts also have the opportunity to acquire CISSP

The CISSP certificate is ideally suited to anyone looking for advanced network security work:

  • Information security specialist
  • Security manager security information
  • Head of information security

Licensed Penetration Tester (L-P-T)

LPT is a special class designation under the supervision of the EC-Council and is issued only to those familiar with online security practices; this is probably the highlight of the online security certificate. Applicants must meet one of the following eligibility criteria:

  • At least two years’ experience in penetration testing
  • Hold E-C-S-A Security Board credentials

Everyone who receives this online security certificate is expected to exert pressure that can affect network security throughout the organization. An LPT certificate validates your network security information. The types of jobs you can expect are:

  • Security engineer
  • Advisor Security
  • Licensed Penetration Examiner

What Do Employers Have To Bring To The Table?

Employers can and should deal with many of the certification issues listed above. Instead of relying on defining the company’s online role and the skills required to operate it effectively, employers must spend time and effortfully understanding the mission of the network security professional. The companies for which they are responsible and the knowledge, skills and talents needed to perform their duties properly.

An employer can begin to understand what makes a person a role by successfully pursuing teams to determine the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and the organization as a whole. Provides a thorough and detailed overview of the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in these online security roles. As employers begin to look for employees who better understand the roles and skills they need to succeed, it will be much easier to find candidates who are qualified to perform this role.

What Can Employees Do to Receive Benefits Without Certification?

In addition to having solid experience, training and degrees, employers want to introduce candidates with special characteristics. On the one hand, employers want to hire employees who are clearly motivated and passionate about long-term network security processes. They then want to determine objectively or unfairly whether the prospective employee has a strong capacity for critical thinking. Finally, and most importantly, they want to hire staffs that have an innate curiosity and desire to learn. If you are an individual who can quickly absorb new information and analyze and distil complex content in a simple matter, employers need to find a way to bring you into their ranks. Enroll yourself in Texas A&M cyber security certifications program and be ready to get certified.


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