How Online Casino’s Promotional Codes Work


Ever looked at an online casino and found a code indicated for newbies? And you wonder how they work! Well, we are here to give you a bit of info on how these codes work, such that the next time you see such a code on 918kiss, you will know what they are and how to use them.

What is a promotional code?

Online promotional code is equivalent to a voucher or a coupon but in the digital space. These virtual vouchers typically consist of numbers or alphabets or a mix of the two. The code is then entered when visiting the online casino to claim a specific offer that is directly linked to the code.

What kinds of promotional codes are there?

There is no set number of codes used on online casinos, but the most common are the no deposit or discount codes. The rest are mainly seasonal and can only be activated at certain times. For instance, during the Christmas festivities, it would not be a surprise to find a promotional code tied to a game only available during these same celebrations.

Where and when are they used?

The codes found on 918kiss Malaysia are meant to be used on specific games tied to it or redeemed at the casino. The time of usage will also depend on the casino they were bought from. Some are limited usage, and some are unlimited. But to be on the safe side, once you get one, always check so that an opportunity does not pass you by because you decided not to confirm.

Why do online Casinos use Promotional codes?

It is rather apparent that they are a marketing strategy to get people to keep playing. They are used as bait to attract new traffic in to participate. That is why you will find so many coupons for first-timers in most sites. It is a smart marketing move as it initiates a visitor, giving them the good side of gambling, and once they are hooked, they start spending their cash. For casino owners, this is a smart move. But as a player, you must be cautious not to get sucked in without self-control.

Can you redeem them for cash?

Unfortunately no. Most of these codes are created to compel you to participate in an online casino, but rarely do you have the opportunity to redeem them for cash. Well, unless you win the jackpot using that code, which is pretty rare.


The cyberspace is filled with so much that we mostly overlook, and promotional codes have been on that list for the longest time. But now that you know a bit more about a promotional code apart from the fact that it is a number or alphabet collective, you know of its use, some types, and if it is redeemable.

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