Understanding Your Options with the Trampolines


Trampoline jumping can give a lot of positive emotions, and in addition it is an excellent tool for weight loss. Professional athletes regularly train on the trampoline.

Types of trampolines

Trampolines are professional and amateur. Professional trampolines are used for sports training. They are made of heavy-duty mesh material, have a rectangular shape and allow you to jump up to 10 meters in height, as well as perform complex stunts. With the trampoline blog you can come up with the smartest deals now.

Amateur trampolines for outdoor activities are equipped with a protective net that prevents falling outside the projectile, and have different sizes, large for outdoor use and small for home use. It is suitable for performing complex jumps and simultaneous use by several people. Models for outdoor use are heat and moisture resistant and can be equipped with a roof for protection from the weather.

Mini trampolines for adults are used for training at home, are compact and easy to assemble. They have a round shape with a diameter of 100 – 140 cm and withstand weight up to 100 kg. Most of them are folding and do not create storage problems in a small apartment.

Trampolines are for the smallest. Many protrusions on the sides allow the little ones to take their first steps.


The larger the trampoline, the higher you can jump on it. If you choose a shell for a child , keep in mind that he is unlikely to jump alone – most likely, friends will join him. So a big trampoline will be not only more convenient, but also safer. The minimum recommended trampoline diameter is 2.5 m, ideal is 3 m or more.


The best materials for the trampoline frame are carbon and galvanized steel . For home conditions, a galvanized frame is quite suitable. The thickness of the metal of which the frame is made must be at least 1.5 – 2 mm, then not only children but also adults can use such a trampoline.

When buying a trampoline, you should check the quality of the fasteners and welds on the frame – they should not contain any defects.

The base of the trampoline must be stable, the legs (if you buy a shell for home use) should not slide on the floor. It is best if the legs are made in the form of the letter W – this design is more durable and resistant to deformation.

How to choose a trampoline

The material of the hopping surface must be strong and elastic, and its seam should be smooth, strong and reliable.

Trampoline equipment

Safety net is a must-have accessory for any trampoline (except mini-trampolines). It is desirable that the mesh door is closed with Velcro “overlap”. The protective net under the base of the trampoline prevents anyone from climbing under the trampoline while a person is on it.

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