Great Solutions for the Ladder Racks


The best ladder rack is manipulated with a backward movement. It has a manual closing and opening. It has an automatic and manual security lock. The weight of the transported ladder must be less than 50kg depending on the lengths. It fits both vans and vans. It has a controlled tipping point when the ladder holder is opened. The material used for manufacturing is aluminum.

Manual ladder rack

Aluminum material exists in 3 versions:

Basic: controlled tilting

Plus 1 cylinder: assistance in descending the ladder.

Extra: 3 cylinders: assistance in descending and climbing the ladder.

Compared to the this rack, the Leonardo has the advantages:

  • To be able to evolve over time. If you want to remove or add assistance, simply add or remove the cylinders on the plate. It is tailor- made according to your needs.
  • To be light (35 kg with the gallery for 65 kg of load)
  • It is all aluminum so light and robust.
  • The components are self-lubricating which results in low maintenance.
  • It has all the ISO, crashtest, TUV, CE standards, etc.

Manual ladder holder PS304 for firefighters

The truck ladder racks were specially created for firefighters. It has the advantage of being also made of aluminum and of being robust in the face of the requirements that firefighters meet. It’s opening and closing is tiltable is rear and a fixed handle is located on the ladder holder. To find out more about this type of ladder rack, ask for our brochure.

Special fireman’s electric ladder rack

The EOS 404 ladder rack was also created especially for firefighters. It is fully electric and has manual security. Its closure and opening is also rear. To find out more about this type of ladder rack, ask for our brochure.

To improve the exterior volume of your van, we offer various products:

An aluminum or steel roof rack, this will allow you to transport long equipment or ladders for example.

A ladder rack

  • Corresponds to an unloading / loading several times in the day of your ladder.
  • The ladder rack deploys easily and safely. The equipment is securely stowed. Two variants can be produced: a manual variant or an electrical variant.
  • An interior stepladder can also be useful if the installation of an exterior gallery is not desired on the vehicle roof.

The glass door is essential to transport your windows that are too large to load and this, in a safe and fast way. We can also provide you with interior cup holders. These interior accessories will be delivered to your job or installation can be done in our workshops.

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