5 Reasons You Need New Car Seat Covers


To cover or not to cover? The one question that seems to matter when it comes to car seats. By knowing the answer, you can narrow down your choices for the best car and truck seat covers. Considering the factors to be considered, deciding becomes a tad overwhelming. But fret not, this guide will help you make an informed decision.

Why Do You Need Car or Truck Seat Covers?

Most people never stop to think “why?” more so when buying custom seat covers. But perhaps this is the most important question posed. Your answer however will rely heavily on the function seat covers will undertake.

  • Protection

This is usually the most feature sought after when people opt for car seats. Protection of original upholstery from dirt, grime and spills should be the major aspect to consider. Car and truck seat covers provide optimal protection against these. Moreover, they are easier to clean compared to your original upholstery.

  • Anti-UV

The sun, a wondrous body, lashes out UV rays which tend to fade things it hits. Car and truck seat covers are designed to absorb or even bounce back these “bleaching” rays. They prevent your seats from becoming faded which is a permanent state that cannot be restored. In addition to seat covers, people also use dashboard covers for the same reason.

  • Visual Aesthetics

If your car or truck has seen the road more than it can count, chances are its inside is dilapidated. Why don’t you spruce up the interior with new seat covers? Seat covers introduce a new “look” and “feel” to your faithful mechanical buddy. Additionally, if you’ve purchased a second-hand vehicle and wish to revamp it, seat covers ought to be in your budget.

  • Boost the Value

Seat covers not only protect your interior upholstery but also raise your resale value. Your resale value is hugely dependent on how close your vehicle is to its original condition. As mentioned earlier, seat covers maintain your original upholstery and what you’ll focus on is the exterior.

  • Customizable Option

Finally, car and truck seat covers come with a customizable option. Depending on your tastes, you can opt for elegance, sporty or the outdoor look.

Which Car or Truck Seat Covers are Ideal?

Now that we’ve concluded on the “why?”, let us take a gander at the “which?”. Which fabric is the best for your seat covers? This answer is also dependent on functional use.

Camo Seat Covers for Trucks are the best option if you own a truck and are a fan of the great outdoors. There are a variety of camo prints designs, styles and colours, quite distinct in their way. Bring out the animal in you with forest or jungle green camo seat covers. Or perhaps feel like the Arabian prince? The desert tan camo seat covers are ideal for you. What about skiing high up in the snowy mountains? The winter grey camo matches superbly.

For those unsure what neoprene seat covers are, neoprene fabric is a polymer and among the most stable chemicals known. Neoprene makes the wetsuits for divers who delve into the murky depths. Neoprene can withstand the ever-crushing pressures down below making it the popular material for seat covers. Neoprene seat covers are durable, shock-absorbent, affordable and confer the sporty/athletic look.

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