CCTV Installation Guide – 4 Tips On Finding Places To Put Cameras


The challenging aspect of CCTV installation in Singapore is finding a suitable area to place these cameras. Clients often ask if a particular corner captures the entire room or if the vantage point they chose can help record activity throughout the entrance. Another is when they are dealing with a complex layout, which makes the task even more complicated.

It is not rocket science, not in a condescending way. Let us share some tips on making this task easier and finding a suitable place to put your security cameras without the extra challenge.


The first step is to explore the property as much as you can. Even if you already reside in your home for years and know the layout like the back of your hand, examine things on a deeper level, such as viewing a particular room from a different angle or putting yourself in the perspective of the camera. On the other hand, if you are consulting a security services company in Singapore, which you will probably do, explore the property with them because they have expert knowledge about these things.


This tip goes beyond the idea of finding a suitable place for cameras or assessing the perfect vantage point because the recipe for success is trusting the right company with your needs. No, it does not mean looking for awards and trophies that signify their presence in the market but finding the one that helps you suit your needs because clients have different preferences. For instance, you might be better off consulting a lesser-known business because you align with them, or they have the convex mirror in Singapore that appeals to you.


Some clients will get an auto gate in Singapore and a few pieces of security cameras to make their home the safest place on earth. Well, the rule here is to know how to match these items and maximise their powers. For instance, your gate and camera system should coexist in a way that they can capture who goes in and out without any obstruction. Another is the ease of use because a seamless experience is something you want to experience.


Putting yourself in the camera’s perspective is one way to examine whether a particular corner or area of the room is suitable to record all activity. For instance, you can view it from the ceiling of the room by using your mobile phone and replicating the angle or asking the CCTV system company for sample shots that may help you assess the situation. Lastly, get an accurate representation before finalising the installation because it might be difficult to modify things after that.

An auto gate repair in Singapore should be able to address all your problems and have smooth parking throughout the day. On the other hand, installing a CCTV unit should also be easy because the company boasts experts in the field. Well, Astrol Security Engineering has those things, and visit their website to learn more. 

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