Know your customer’s online journey with Clickstream data analytics


If you are a web savvy person and fond of traversing in the world of web, then clickstream will not be a new keyword to you! Even if you are not web savvy, do you know that your single click activities can be tracked down or monitored? Surprised?? Clickstream technology can outperform this!

What is clickstream technology?

Let us illustrate the technology with an example. Suppose, a customer wants to buy a laptop. You have an e-commerce website. Apart from many offline options, the user will visit various websites for the purchase.  He/she may visit YouTube for various laptop demos, may search on comparison websites, may read various customer reviews, and then circle your website that is giving him/her the desired product with all desired service standards.Isn’t it the case that the customer may be influenced by the preceding touchpoints mediums? Clickstream technology will answer your question.

To explain in simple words, clickstream data is the process of monitoring a user’s website history. It gives the sequence of hyperlinks one or multiple websites the user follows on a given site. It gives you a detailed log of the navigation path.

What is clickstream data analytics?

The clickstream analysis also called as clickstream analytics collect, analyse, and report users online traversing data into the same manner in which the user has traversed. Clickstream analytics has two categories:

  • Traffic analytics
  • e-commerce analytics

The traffic analytics mostly deal with page parameters like loading time, amount of data transmission, the log of pages served, etc.

E-commerce analytics is generally used by marketing professionals to understand customer behaviour. It focuses on what pages attract the users most, the shopping cart tracking activities, the most preferred payment method, etc. These analytics can give you an estimate of the effectiveness of the website.

How my business is benefitted with clickstream data analytics?

Clickstream data can depict a roadmap of a user’s online activity. If you are onto the using clickstream data analytics for the growth of your business, here are some other benefits you can enjoy with the miracle technology:

  • Identify the customer trends
  • Know your customer well
  • Different pathways lead to the same destination
  • Preventing abandonment
  • Improve the user experience
  • Provide personalization

If you have the right analytics and have sharp business skills you can surely convert these analytical figures into a strong business strategy. Marketing professionals can decide best practices to design their marketing campaigns with these insights. The granular view of consumer behaviour can really take you long in identifying and targeting new audiences.

What are the different analytics tools sued in clickstream data analytics?

As voluminous data is generated through clickstream data analysis, many organizations rely on the proficient big data analytics tools for professional interpretation of the data.

The available tools are:

  • Google analytics
  • Sitemeter
  • iPerceptions
  • clickstream
  • webtrends and lots more.


Clickstream technology gives you the digital footprints of your customers. Business users can improve user understanding with clickstream technology better than ever. It can be used to come up with an effective marketing strategy that can attract users with fewer efforts and innovative ways.

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