Best 6 Lombok Things to Do on Holiday


Using its unique culture, magnificent beaches, clean seas, green woods, pristine waterfalls, and traditional arts, Lombok has everything you will discover in Bali. And without the crowds! This guide is going to take you into the top steps to take in Lombok.

Proceed into Bau Nyale Festival

Lombok hosts a yearly fishing festival named Bau Nyale Festival. The same happens in February or even March. It may be a fantastic idea to grab this exceptional fiesta if you’re planning your dates to get Lombok.

Discover the Kuta Beach

If it seems dreamy, place Kuta Beach on your Lombok itinerary. Unlike its namesake from Bali, this shore is devoid of audiences but is appreciated by swimmers and surfers. The shore is also the place for the renowned Bau Nyale Festival.

Experience Sunset at Merese Hill & Tanjung Aan

They state the best view in Lombok is on the very top of Bukit Merese. The mountain juts out directly to the ocean, leaving you amazed at the twin shores on each side. One facet is called King Beach, and the other one is called Queen Beach. The rise to the top is a simple one. It requires you around 10 mins to make it to the first level and possibly, 10 mins to achieve another one. Once up there, then perch yourself on one of those stones and prepare for a kaleidoscopic series of colors.

Explore the Sasak Ende Village

Your trip Lombok won’t be complete if you don’t have devoured this island’s genuine flavor. Visit Sasak village at Ande or even sade, only 15 minutes from the airport, and revel in speaking to the folks there. Know their customs and see their houses while they take care of a few excellent dances such as the Peresean. You’ll end up enjoying the island better once you understand the men and women who make it beautiful.

Find out How to Weave in the Sukarara Village

Sukarara is just another Sasak Village but only at which you can find out the Sasak traditional art of design. Sure, you can also see it at the Sasak Ende Village. However, it’s a more sophisticated excursion in Sukarara. Weaving is practiced mainly by girls. In reality, they can’t get married unless they’ve discovered this kind of artwork. From the Sukarara Villageyou may notice them operating on the conventional wood loom. It’s somewhat fascinating to find out how the myriads of colored threads are stitched together to make a stunning design by those girls.

Hike Down into the Benang Kelambu Waterfalls

The Benang Kelambu palaces and its sister cascade, Benang Stokel, Are an excellent way to go through Lombok’s green woods. The place from the Mount Rinjani geological playground, these waterfalls appear from nowhere and generate a refreshing picture. You can’t just appreciate the views but cool under these organic showers.

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