Do You Know How To Find The Best Slow Juice Extractor?


Invasive technology that is radicalizing the food sector, especially in juicing, is just an improvement of Egyptians master plan. Egyptians used screws to squeeze juice and oil from fruits and nuts, which we are using today but on a different scale. The slow juice extractor is efficient for both money and fruits.

House appliances are modified each day regarding performance, energy consumption, and shape to suit customers. Customers are often crowded with a variety of choices when buying one. Those pickings may be random or just by looking at the brand. If you are a hardcore juicer who presses tones of fruits anytime you find a chance, follow me. I show you how to find best-modernized equipment.


Slow juice extractors have a reasonable price, but that doesn’t mean you spend a whole fortune on one thing. Today’s manufacturers walk with every customer’s limited budget and try to customize everything to suit them.

While you are shopping, price is usually the basis. Slow juice extractor prices range from a couple of hundreds of dollars to thousands.

Size and storage 

Another important aspect while looking for a juicer is where you will store and retrieve it. Slow juice extractors are considered small pieces of equipment, but there is nothing like that for a tightly packed kitchen. A vertical juicer will operate well in less spacious kitchens.

Size is a necessary variable while choosing a juicer to produce quantities; more juice requires a more considerable extractor. The best juicer suitable for this particular reason is the horizontal type. It yields large amounts of juice.


any machine has a certain degree of noise. Slow juice extractors are made by incorporating silent motors that limit the average sound. Furthermore, these juicers are suited for the ideal serene home setting; while choosing one, make sure it is suitable for a home setting.


Cleanliness is part of a maintenance program that juicer users have to undergo. Slow juice extractors are fitted with sieves and other complicated parts that prove difficult while cleaning. Therefore go for the simplest and easy to clean extractors.

The shelf life 

Shelf life, commonly referred to as service life, is the amount of time a machine is expected to last—service life from months to years.  For our sake, the shelf lives of a masticating juicer are determined by two concepts, the motor, and the casing.

Motors power the rotary blades used in grinding of fruits. It is the key role player. When buying a slow juice extractor, make sure you go for the one with longer motor life.

The casing beautifies the extractor while protecting the internal components. For plastic casing, it is affected by hot water and UV rays.

Many manufacturers will guide you on how to protect it. But while selecting, choose an attractive color with anti UV properties. Finally, you can combine the properties and come up with your verdict using our criteria.

If you follow our clear guidelines, it is certain you will come up with the best slow juice extractor with longevity embedded in its making and crisscrossed by beauty.

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