Is Corporate Housing Right For You?


Traveling for business can be a hassle for employees, especially if it means being away from home for an extended period of time. The company paying for the travel expenses will also find the cost a burden, especially when they need to pay for several hotel rooms for more than a week. Aside from dingy motel rooms as an affordable accommodation choice, there are now corporate housing and Airbnb options available.

Which one is right for your employees? Here’s everything your company and the traveling party needs to know about St Louis Corporate Housing and similar housing options:

What Is Corporate Housing?

In the most simple of explanations, corporate housing is a type of accommodation usually offered for long-term stays. The rental units are fully-furnished and typically include amenities such as a functional kitchen. It got its name because these units were generally used by companies for housing employees longer than the usual couple of days because it is cheaper than renting a hotel room.

Why Is It Different From An Airbnb?

An Airbnb is another type of long-term accommodation that offers travelers a place to stay for an extended period. However, an Airbnb usually only offers a home without any other amenities whereas the St Louis Corporate Housing is more like a temporary base of operations.

Renting a property can be a good option for business travelers looking to temporarily settle down, but it does not come with all the perks of corporate housing. It can be difficult to work in an Airbnb, especially since most homes do not offer an office space that offers a peaceful place for better productivity.

Why Choose Corporate Housing?

The primary reason why corporate housing is the best option for business travelers is the cost. When compared to staying at a hotel for more than a week, this housing choice is significantly cheaper. Another perk of corporate housing is the services they offer than a typical Airbnb cannot. Much like an expensive hotel, corporate housing may offer concierge services as well as a 24-hour front desk, neither of which is offered by an Airbnb rental.

Of course, it is also a major factor that corporate housing units come fully furnished and ready for both long-term and short-term occupancy. Employees that are temporarily assigned to an area are able to feel like they are at home in these housing units and the company paying for the stay do not have to go over the travel expenses for the year.

When To Rent Corporate Housing

Understand that corporate housing is not the best solution for all business travelers. This type of accommodation is best for those planning to stay within the are for at least one week, otherwise, it might be best to consider a hotel room instead. Employees that are being relocated to the area can also benefit from staying at a corporate housing unit until they have found a new home.

Corporate housing is also perfect for large groups of employees attending a conference nearby. Many housing units offer package deals for companies looking to rent a lot of rooms, even for just a few days.

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