Debunking Common Plastic-Free Living Myths in Detail


Though a lot of people in the UK have opted for plastic-free living, many are not sure about whether to try it due to several rumours that float around this topic. Some of them are simply confusing while some of them are absurd. Hence, this article offers an insight into such myths and debunking them for people to choose this amazing lifestyle and stay healthy.

  1. Removing all plastic from house

What one should keep in mind is that no rule or regulation is established where it states that one requires removing all plastic pieces from one’s house. Many people who have opted for this lifestyle still uses old food containers made of plastic along with other things like washing basket, jars, etc.

The primary focus of this movement is to not purchase new plastic pieces. It is simply going against wasteful misuse of plastic. Plastic items where resources are already used for making it can be added value by simply ensuring that it is reusable when most people see it as replaceable.

  1. Make every meal from scratch

Another popular myth about plastic-free lifestyle is that one will have to cook every meal from scratch. It is not a requirement for people to make every meal from scratch if they want to lead a plastic-free life. Most people do it because they love it and some do it because it might be necessary for some specific type of food items. Over time an individual will learn what is necessary and what can be avoided.

For example, people looking to eat hummus can get it froma deli or make it from scratch. It totally depends on the person. Like this, there are several food items which one wouldn’t require making from scratch at all. It’s just one need to research at the beginning to know about them and follow that path.

  • It is an expensive lifestyle

Many people who want can spend their fortune on zero wasting kits for adequately living the plastic-free life. What people need to understand is there is no rules and regulations made for doing it appropriately.

For example, a person’s lifestyle might not require grasping takeaway coffee everyday. For people like them, there is no use of opting for re-usable cup. All one needs is what they use and this is why plastic free life is not an expensive approach. In addition, going through some of the standard steps of this approach will aid in saving money.

  1. Fitting all plastic waste into jar

Maybe in social media platforms, one might come across images of people visiting farmers’ market, using reusable shopping bags, glass jars, etc. However, it is not everything when you decide to go plastic-free.

It’s not about trying to fit annual plastic waste into a jar but simply ensuring keeping a check of what one uses. It is not a prerequisite aspect. If anyone wants can keep a track, others don’t because it doesn’t make one bad or good at this lifestyle.

Hopefully, these debunked myths will open your eyes about the plastic-free lifestyle and encourage you try this living approach in the coming days.





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